The Perks Of Influencer Marketing For Merchandisers

By Khalis from SushiVid · 31st October, 2018

The Perks Of Influencer Marketing For Merchandisers | EasyStore

If you have nieces, nephews, or kids born in the 2000s, there’s a high chance, they grew up with an iPad or a similar touchscreen product. Mainly watching YouTube. In fact, YouTube and other social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok has become so popular that Entrepreneur claims, “Millennials spend at least 2 hours a day scrolling through their social media”. 

What does this mean for merchandisers? 

These kids are now grown up and they are the new buyers of your products. That means, the attention span of your future consumers has also shifted from TV and Newspaper to these social media platforms. Hence the birth of Influencer Marketing. Who are these influencers? Your ordinary humans who loves to share their lives on social media and is interesting enough that they have a school of loyal followers. 

When these influencers consolidate with a high number of followers, they are able to deliver and spread the brand’s message at a large scale of audience. As reported by Linqia, “92% of marketers who used in influencer marketing in 2017 found it to be effective. As the industry matures, marketers are using integrated strategies to impact lower funnel metrics in 2018”.

So, why should you do influencer marketing? 

1) Trust

Would you trust a recommendation from your sister or would you trust the recommendation of an ad? Influencer Marketing is word-of-mouth marketing at scale. Influencers create the fundamental of 2-way communication through word-of-mouth between the respected and trusted people in a specific niche community. When Influencers create dialogues with their audiences, it will make them feel as if they have a heart-to-heart connection between them.

2) Cost-effective

Creating an advertisement on traditional media can be very expensive. You will need to produce the content and then book a slot on TV to reach the masses. With influencers, they produce and distribute the contents for you. Just to put things into perspective, at SushiVid, you can get 100 influencers to share 100 unique contents on their Instagram and reach over 100,000 millennials for under USD2,000! 

3) Improving Awareness

Imagine, 100 micro-influencers with 10,000 followers each, that’s 1,000,000 reach per post! Don’t you think that’s a pretty great number for an awareness campaign? That’s the beauty of Influencer Marketing. 

If you’d like to know more on what to expect when working with influencers, you can check out this article. This is just the tip of the iceberg on influencer marketing. We hope it was helpful for you. If you’d like to learn more on Influencer Marketing, find out more at SushiVid website. We have tons of resources!