EasyStore Oct-Nov 2023 Product Updates

By EasyStore · 30th November, 2023

EasyStore Oct-Nov 2023 Product Updates | EasyStore

One Step Closer To Achieving UCX

In our previous product update, we rolled out over 21+ features to streamline your business operations, and we hope you've been enjoying the benefits. But we didn't stop there. The team has been hard at work innovating and introducing fresh updates.

This month's release is a game-changer, bringing substantial enhancements to your customer journey and providing a shortcut to delivering the #1 thing customers are looking for in 2024 — a Unified Customer Experience (UCX)!

Yes, you read that right — we're revolutionizing how your customers shop with you. Let's take a deep dive into it right now!  

EasyStore Oct-Nov 2023 Product Updates

  1. [TikTok]Add and Sync Products Faster
  2. [New Feature]: WhatsApp Broadcast Center
  3. [Admin: Inbox]: Connect WhatsApp Account To Unlock New Features
  4. [Storefront: Order]: Buy Again Shortcut
  5. [Storefront: Customer]Customer Account Revamp
  6. [Web POS: Shift]Refund Reporting
  7. [Orders]Redeem Credit For Manual Orders
  8. [Easy Pop Up App]Collect Email From New Store Visitors
  9. [SalesPop App]: Spark Instant Purchases
  10. [Member App]Push Notification History 
  11. [Customers]Prospect Filtering Criteria Change
  12. [Live Chat]Instant Customer Support

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1. [TikTok]: Add and Sync Products Faster

Previously, to sync EasyStore products into TikTok, a product variation was required, even if there were no variants for the product. Now, you have the freedom to swiftly add products with or without variants, streamlining the process for faster and more efficient product listings. This ensures that customers can easily shop the range of products you are offering.

2. [New Feature]: WhatsApp Broadcast Center

We have officially launched the Broadcast Center, a powerful messaging tool that you need to send targeted messages and drive more conversions through WhatsApp Business — your sales team's new secret weapon.

You can select your target audience group based on customer group, membership, or even selected contacts. Additionally, you have the option to choose templates when blasting messages from WhatsApp.

Get more information on this new tool here. 

3. [Admin: Inbox]: Connect WhatsApp Account To Unlock Advanced Features

Connect your WhatsApp number to EasyStore securely through Facebook OAuth, ensuring a smooth and secure integration with the WhatsApp Business API.

  • Seamless Messaging: Send and receive messages in the Inbox effortlessly, maintaining consistent communication with your customers.

  • Avoid Message Blocks: Connecting through Facebook OAuth helps prevent your WhatsApp messages from being flagged or blocked. This ensures reliable communication with your customers without interruptions.

  • Unlock Post-24-Hour Conversations: Unlock the ability to start conversations beyond the 24-hour limit allowed by WhatsApp, also known as non-session. Easily create business templates for non-session messages, enhancing your messaging efficiency and ensuring continuous communication with your customers.

  • Enhance Security: OAuth provides a secure method for EasyStore to access your WhatsApp Business account without needing your login credentials. This adds an extra layer of protection to your business communication.

4. [Storefront: Order]: Buy Again Shortcut

This is a customer-friendly enhancement designed to boost repeat purchases, making it simple for customers to reorder their favorite items! 

Customers are now able to clearly oversee their purchase history, complete with product images, earned points, and clear payment details, making it easier for them to recall which items they purchased and which to buy again.

After clicking 'Buy Again,' customers can effortlessly select the desired items to repurchase. Importantly, they can enjoy this convenience without the need to login or fill in details again. Please note that sold-out, unpublished, or unavailable items cannot be repurchased.

5. [Storefront]: Customer Account Revamp

Experience a transformed Customer Account Page designed to elevate your customer navigation and browsing journey.

  • Account Overview: The revamped interface offers a sleek presentation for customers to access their membership card, use credit, and view points.

  • Shortcut Navigation: Customers can seamlessly navigate their account through these shortcuts - My Profile, Address Book, Order History, Vouchers, and Wishlist.

  • Membership Progress Bar: Membership Progress Bar: With this progress bar, customers can clearly track their membership journey and learn everything they need to know about their membership benefits.

  • Order History: Improve organization by categorizing orders into tabs such as To Pay, To Receive, Completed, Cancelled, and Return Refund. This provides customers with easy access and clear insights into their order history.

  • Order Received Button: Confirm order receipt with a simple click on the "Order Received" button in the "To Receive" tab. Once confirmed, the order seamlessly transitions to the Completed tab. This is a way for customers to inform the business that their order has been received.

  • Credit Earned: Customers can check their credit earnings directly from the Order Details page.

Embrace a more streamlined and customer-friendly account interface, empowering your customers to effortlessly access their details and purchase history with ease.

6. [Web POS: Shift]: Refund Reporting

We've enhanced transparency on your transactions. Keep a close eye on refunded amounts effortlessly in three key sections:

  • Total Cash Refund: Refund made from the Cash Drawer.

  • Net Sales: Calculated as total sales minus total refunds, conveniently presented in the Sales Summary section.

  • Refunded Amount: Located in the Cash In / Cash Out section.

Refunded amounts will be recorded only if the order was made through POS, is linked to a previous or current POS shift transaction, and if the original purchase location currently has an open shift.

7. [Orders]: Redeem Credit For Manual Orders

We're excited to share that customers are now able to use the available credit when creating manual orders. 

This enhancement means that, unlike before, customers can now make the most of their accumulated credit even when placing manual orders.

8. [Easy Pop Up App]: Collect Email From New Store Visitors

We've revamped the layout in our Easy Pop Up app to include a new feature, allowing you to collect emails from new users and instantly grow your customer database. 

9. [Sales Pop App]: Spark Instant Purchases

Experience the Sales Pop app like never before with our new and improved layout options. Dive into the details with enhanced features:

  • Real-Time Cart Updates: See who just added to the cart and when, creating a sense of urgency and excitement for customers to take action. 

  • 24-Hour Cart Activity: Keep track of the number of items added to the cart in the last 24 hours, empowering customers to follow the crowd and explore popular products.

  • Recent Purchase Count: Showcase the number of purchases made in the last 24 hours, inspiring customers to make their move confidently.

10. [Member App]: Push Notification History

With this update, customers can effortlessly keep track of promotional alerts, stay in the loop with new releases, and receive important updates — all conveniently accessible in the Push Notification History feature on the Member App.

11. [Customers]: Prospect Filtering Criteria Change

This change aims to provide a clearer identification of new customers, enabling you to target and drive their first purchase effectively.

  • Original: Customers who have not placed an order or have items in their shopping cart

  • Revised: Customers who have not placed an order. 

12. [Live Chat]: Instant Customer Support

This enhancement ensures businesses can engage with customers more effectively, whether they are logged in or out. Offering a seamless live chat experience for all customers improves accessibility and fosters better communication, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and potentially boosting conversions. 

  • Logged Out Customers: A 'Login to Chat' button is displayed along with a customizable welcome message, encouraging seamless interaction when they log in. 

  • Logged In Customers: Enjoy uninterrupted chat capabilities directly on the storefront.

Ready To Incorporate These Customer Centric Features Into Your Business? 

At EasyStore, our mission is to empower businesses to deliver a Unified Customer Experience (UCX) for customers. 

These updates, spanning from an enhanced checkout experience to personalized shopping journeys, are designed to achieve just that. 

Take the next step in transforming your business and providing unparalleled satisfaction to your customers.

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