Shopify vs EasyStore in 2022 - Which is best for your business?

By Vincent Leong · 9th January, 2022

Shopify vs EasyStore in 2022 - Which is best for your business? | EasyStore

Which is best for your business?

Just before you decide which ecommerce platforms you should go for in year 2022, its important to go through this article for the key comparison between EasyStore and Shopify. But before that, there are few questions that you should find out before jumping into conclusion.

What is your objective?  

Every platform has their own strengths and weaknesses. By identifying your objective, it will save up a lot of time to decide the platform that suit your business best. 

Do you have a budget constrain? 

The expenses is important for any business. Consider the additional features or value worth the cost when it comes to the capability a platform can offers, versus the price. 

What is the target market? 

Your target market is also a way to decide which platforms suit you most as some platforms work best for the international market, where some are the specialist in local or southeast Asia in term of the business expansion and sales channels availability.

Why pay more when you can pay less for the same features?

Shopify and EasyStore can be quite similar in term of the easy-to-use mechanism to build your online business with ease, aside from the cost. Hence, it’s obvious reason why EasyStore merchants choose EasyStore.

Of course, pricing is just one of the factor. In this article, we will dive deeper into the comparisons and which platform your should go for your online business in year 2022.


  • Plan & Pricing
  • Transaction charges
  • Logistic and payment
  • App integration
  • Marketplaces & Sales channels
  • Easy of use
  • Supports

Competitive plan that cost less 

EasyStore offer more affordable plans at only RM59/month as compared to Shopify at a starting price at $29 (RM121). Besides, EasyStore is basically equipped with all the essential features for your business with only one subscription fee. No hidden fee or additional add-on cost.

You can also start your ecommerce journey for free with EasyStore. Our free plan comes with one channel, where you can enable either an online store, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Live, Telegram and for individual to sell online at zero cost and explore the seamless selling experience of an all-in-one ecommerce platform. Required advance features as your business grows? EasyStore flexible plan subscription is upgradable any time to cater for any business need, regardless of whether or not it’s for startups, SMEs or enterprises.

Zero transaction fee 

Shopify merchants are required to pay additional transaction fee of 2% on top of any payment gateway transaction fee. Did you know that the transaction fee of every RM3000 sales you get on Shopify is equivalent to EasyStore Lite plan (monthly)?

On the other hand, what you sell is what you get on EasyStore as our merchants would never have to worry about paying additional fees. Hence, you better budget to allocate on resources that brings better sales.

Logistic & payment gateways

Both Shopify and EasyStore don’t have in-house logistic or payment in Malaysia market. However, both of these platform offer a dedicated network of courier and payment solutions that ensure positive customer experience at a lower cost that combined with the seamless processes.

Although Shopify seems to have more courier and payment integration, but it focuses on market outside southeast Asia, plus a 2% transaction charge on top of any payment integration. On the other hand, EasyStore are global scale, local focus. Hence, EasyStore are equipped with more localized payment solution like Touch’nGo, Boost, Maybank2u and Logistic solutions that your customers would appreciate more like Lalamove, JnT, EasyParcel, NinjaVan and so on...Furthermore, you are always welcome to contact with EasyStore’s support for the suggestions that work best with your business.

Expand across marketplaces & other sales channels


Sales channels are essential for an ecommerce growth that let you sell more. If you are selling on major international like eBay or Amazon, Shopify has the integration for that.

Meanwhile, EasyStore are the specialist for Malaysian ecommerce. So, it’s great for business expansion across Malaysia and southeast Asia sales channels, such as Shopee, Lazada, and so much more... Plus, EasyStore have more sales channels built-in along with the subscription. Hence, no additional fee required for sales channel integration.

To add on additional sales channels, Shopify merchants would need to install more apps that will cost more on top of the monthly subscription. While EasyStore has them all built-in for your business.

App integration

App integration provides additional features for your business. Shopify offer more third party apps to support business in every way. But, additional add-on could incur higher cost for your business. If you ask which of these brand will give you the bang of the bucks? You might find greater value here on EasyStore, which you can find and enjoy tons of free apps.

To get these same features, Shopify merchants would need to pay more, where you will have better cost control in using EasyStore.

Ease of use

Both EasyStore and Shopify are capable for anyone to setup an online store quickly, even for those with little or no knowledge about coding. Complimented by the preset theme template and straight forward dashboard. Both platforms are also customizable with theme liquid that allow merchants to fine twist their website to their preference.

Plus, EasyStore focus in the local market. Hence, EasyStore could be more helpful in guiding you throughout the setup process, like local sales channels, payment and shipping solutions.

Superior in local support

Shopify support is great, combining with 24/7 support and variation of tool and resources available online for their users. But these definitely come in a higher cost if you don’t mind paying more for the premium service.

EasyStore on the other hand has better insights for your business that is operating in Malaysia or southeast Asia. We also offer multilingual support and resources to aid our merchants with their day-to-day operation.


EasyStore and Shopify are equally great for your online business with a complete ecommerce ecosystem with continuous enhancement and updates. Shopify has more future proof 3rd-party integrations and no doubt that it also work best for the international market. While in EasyStore offer a better focus for the local market at a much more affordable cost, leading in local payment and logistic integrations to offer better customer experience for southeast Asia market. We hope you find the solution that is best for your business after this comparison.