EasyStore Product Updates Apr - June 2019

By Max · 2nd July, 2019

EasyStore Product Updates Apr - June 2019 | EasyStore

Half year has gone by now, we have come from the launch of Shopee app to Facebook Marketing. New projects kept us on our toes, but constantly improving our product helped us stay focused on bringing greater value to you. 

In the past quarter, we focused on enhancing our merchants’ experience in using our admin panel. We believe a user-friendly product can help businesses to speed up execution. and now let's recap back what we've upgraded in the past quarter. 

1. [Feature] Remove Google + as Sharing Tool

Since the shut down of Google+ (consumer version) on April 2, 2019, we have removed it as a sharing tool from the product page. Your visitors are still able to share your products with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LINE.

2. [Feature] Implement LINE As One Of The Sharing Tools

One more sharing channel for your visitors to expose your products. Despite Facebook, Twitter, Pin it, we have now added LINE as the sharing tool in your product page. If you wish to remove the sharing tools from your product page, visit this guide

3.[Feature] ATM Payment Added For MOLPay 

If you’re using MOLPay as your payment method, your buyers can now pay to you via ATM payment method (only for Malaysian).

4. [Feature] “Add to cart” Button On The Product Image

We heard you for long and here it comes. Your buyers will not need to click into your product page to purchase, they can simply click on the “Add to cart” button on the product image from the product listing page. 

For the product with variants, it will show “View options” button for buyers to view more choices.

5. [Feature] Allow Buyer To Upload Payment Receipt On Checkout Page

Instead of replying to the order email, your buyers can now upload their payment receipt (for bank transfer method) directly on the checkout page and you will be receiving an email notification if there’s any payment reference uploaded. 

6. [Feature] Connect To More Customers via Facebook Marketing

Up to date, we have more than 8 Facebook-related apps in EasyStore. To ease your Facebook marketing management, we moved the 6 apps into the Admin Panel under Facebook Marketing. 

By doing this, you can easily turn on/off the features you want to use and manage them under the same page. Know more about Facebook Marketing in EasyStore.

6 apps that have been moved into Facebook Marketing page:

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Dynamic Ads

  • Facebook Store

  • Facebook Promoter

  • Send to Messenger

  • Facebook Messenger

7. [Feature] Auto-generate Random Voucher Code

Worry of a duplicate voucher code being created for your promotion? Or that your voucher code can be easily forgeable? We want to help you in fraud protection, and thus, you can now generate a unique voucher code with just a click on your promotion page. 

8. [Admin Panel] Pre-filled Details For Billing Information

We want you to make everything as efficient as possible. If you happen to upgrade plan, purchase a domain, you do not need to fill up your basic information such as first name, last name and email anymore. These will be auto-fill for you to save your time. 

9. [Admin Panel] Automate Footer Copyright 

We are human, and human can be forgetful. To prevent the same thing from happening again, you can now automate your footer “year” copyright to be updated every year. Simply insert {{"\{\{year\}\}"}} as the variable (General > Footer copyright) and let the system do the job for you. 

10. [Admin Panel] Display Brand Name On Boost Payment Page

Improve your branding from head to toe. If you’re using Boost as your payment method, you can now change your display name on Boost Payment page. Change your display name via Settings > Payments > Boost > Merchant name. 

11. [Admin Panel] New Order Listing Filter

Manage your orders with more filter options. Despite filtering by paid and unpaid order, you can now filter with more statuses such as COD, open, pay by credit, etc. 

12. [Admin Panel] Bulk Manage Product Details

We understand you amend your product details frequently and it can be time-consuming if you need to edit it one by one. Now, you can edit them in bulk with the latest feature - Bulk editor. By this, you can select the products you want to edit and edit the details at once. It includes price, cost price, compared price, inventory count, weight, and more. 

13. [App] Sell To Middle East via Eromman Marketplace

We strive to help our merchants to boost their sales in many ways possible. In April 2019, we have published eRomman marketplace app on our App store for Malaysia sellers to expand your market to the Middle East. EasyStore merchants are entitled to enjoy:

  • FREE Unlimited product listing
  • FREE English to Arabic product translation.
  • FREE Product optimization with Arabic SEO
  • FREE 7-Day Hero Banner on eRomman Homepage*

14. [App] Shopee Variant-type Enhancement

Previously, the variant type will be grouped into one when a product is synced to Shopee. With the latest update, the variants can be separated individually. 

15. [App] Update Zendesk App With Latest Change

We revamped the Zendesk app to a more simplified outlook. At the same time, Zendesk users can now use the updated script from your Zendesk dashboard to keep your app updated with Zendesk new changes.

16. [App] New Look For App Store

We have over 90+ apps now! In order for our merchants to comfortably look for the apps they want, we revamped the App store with better information displayed. We added “Staff picks” section where you will see the recommended apps from us, as well as “Customers also installed” section under each App page. 

17. [Checkout] Enhance Multi-page Checkout Design

Throughout this enhancement, we simplified the design of the checkout page as well as beautify it. The enhancement includes background color, button (loading button, bold font & size), display order summary in mobile.

18. [Theme] New Theme - MAKER, Is Launched

Need a more luxurious look for your store? Here it is! The new theme comes with “stick-on” menu bar, Shortcut to cart summary, testimonial section, and more. It’s now ranked as the most-installed theme in EasyStore. Read more about the new theme here.

That’s all for Q2, but keep an eye out for the next round up of new EasyStore updates and features in September =)