What Made EasyStore In 2017

By Melissa Poh · 26th December, 2017

What Made EasyStore In 2017 | EasyStore
I love seeing people grow, especially our merchants. Most importantly, we grow together.
I'm a perfectionist, but when it comes to our product, I couldn't deny that it's not perfect?. There's no perfect product in the world, but I would say that we have a perfect team ? behind working hard throughout the time to provide you a better online selling experience.
Firstly, please allow me to thank you for being here with us, there must be some merchants that have been here since our first version (for so many years), and of course, new merchants who just join us, thank you for trusting us! 
In 2017, we constantly improving the platform in terms of functionality, user-friendliness, and no doubt, with more affordable packages for you to build an online business. 
I would like to sum up the enhancements & new features we have done this year, you might have missed it (by the way), let's check them out! ???


  • We have enhanced variants setting for a better management (User guide)
  • You can move products from page to page in bulk (User guide)
  • You can add/remove collection to/from products in bulk (User guide)

? Content

  • You can add a blog to your online store (User guide)
  • You can customize your top bar content (User guide)

? Customers

  • You can add/remove customers to/from group in bulk (User guide)
  • View customers in bulk 20/50/100 per page (User guide)

? Order

  • You can export your orders in a file (User guide)
  • You can view orders in bulk 20/50/100 per page (User guide)
  • You can view the abandoned checkout orders and follow up with the customers. (User guide)

? Promotion

  • We have implemented credit reward function for you to reward your customers with credit (User guide)

? Reports

  • You can view your sales in days, hourly, weeks & monthly by custom date range (User guide

? Themes

? Shipping

  • You can offer free shipping for an individual product (User guide)
  • We have enabled international shipping for EasyParcel app (User guide)
  • We have enabled Pgeon express in EasyStore (User guide)

? Payment

We have integrated 5 payment gateways:
  • PayU Nigeria 
  • VoguePay Nigeria
  • Maybank2u Pay gateway Malaysia
  • Doku Indonisia
  • SinoPac (Taiwan)

? Checkout

  • You can simplified the checkout process (User guide)

? Users

  • You can switch the owner of store at your own (User guide)
  • You can restrict the role of each user (User guide)

? Apps

? Accounting

? Shipping

? Social media

? Customer service

? Dropship

? Marketplace

? Design

? Analysis

Lastly, EasyStore team wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018 in advance! We're working on a big project to surprise you. Please stay tune!
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