What Can Analytics Do For You

By Eric Lian · 3rd October, 2018

What Can Analytics Do For You | EasyStore

Analytics is the collection, processing, analysis, and reporting of Internet data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage i.e basically observing and analyzing a  visitors behavior to a website. 

With an auto-generated analytics for the online store, it provides a more convenient way for you to collect and calculate your store’s data on purchases and customers. Gain insights on which products are selling, your top customers, sales by country, sales by currency and more.

Having said that, gaining all these data does come with few advantages for the businesses selling online. 

Determine what to do in the future

After seeing all of this information on analytics and understanding which product is selling the best, you can use that information to offer new and interesting things. Products, services, content – all brand new and designed specifically for your users based on the data you have gathered.

Determine who is your best customer 

Serving a large group of customer that contribute to your sales is good, but 70% of most sales for businesses are coming from repeat purchases from a small group. Hence, it is more beneficial to focus the effort to serve this small group of customers, which contribute the majority of your business’s sale. 

Review historical data 

The feature displays the manner of visitor traffic has changed across a period of time. It’s very helpful to see if there are any trends across certain time frames. For example,  you can understand which of your marketing campaigns have been successful helping you to shape your marketing activities for future campaigns, or to understand and analyze the pages, services or products that gather a larger amount of interest at specific points of the month or year. 

Understanding your customers’ behaviors

Beside from better understanding the effectiveness of your own marketing campaign, you can also understand your own customers’ behaviors through how they click on your website. Their behaviors can be recorded for you to watch it later. Through this, you can understand which page of your website is most attractive and which page is not. 

To conclude it, this feature is a great tool for business. If you know how to use it properly, it can give you a lot of useful information on how to improve your website, offers and catch up with your competition. Don't just stare at pretty graphs, learn how to use them to gain more advantage, more attention, and more conversions.