Think Local Act Global

By Fadila Aziz · 22nd December, 2014

Think Local Act Global | EasyStore
The local market was always be merchant playground but why hold yourself if you able to sell your product as globally. There is several of item that might able to sell as global, like Malaysia map, souvenirs and etc. We always encourage merchant to do some survey or research first before moving to international market. #Product What product that has suitability to be sold and have a global demand for it? #Price What price is suitable for the certain particular product, will it involve any tax later on? Gst Tax, Custom Tax and etc. As Merchant its compulsory to determine the postage cost, without setting it up, it will cause customer not able to check out. #Place Which country your potential customer will come from, it's very important because you need to determine currency that you accepting. #Promotion Do promotion to get exposure for your product, more exposure is better, this exposure will turn into sales at the end of the day. Compose message to deliver to your customer, this message must be in term of what the customer wants, compare that what the merchant wants. Once all this question being answered, you ready to sell your product globally but prepare a system that can allow you to have several currencies. By having this feature it will help your customer choose their preferable currency and all the price be shown under chosen currency, no extra calculation needed. EasyStore is a website provider who has currency system ready built-in. why sell local only when you able to sell global. The merchant only needs to set up the currency rate inside the system and the system will help to calculate and change all product price under specific currency How merchant sets up the currency:
The merchant may choose the preferable currency:
How potential customer sees it:
It's simple and user friendly. As a merchant choosing system that can support your business growth is very important, if you have a system which is ready to go global why hold yourself? Explore the chance and possibility with EasyStore.