Choose Your Perfect Courier Partner

By Fadila Aziz · 18th December, 2014

Choose Your Perfect Courier Partner | EasyStore
Courier is the most important section when you sell online, selecting a reliable courier just like selecting love of your live, let us help by listing some courier service which is available and might suitable for your business: 
#Pos Malaysia
Well known as company that offer a cheap rate and good service also. Pos Malaysia always  the best option for delivery for rural area, because they have branches everywhere and people who work on the branch its self normally expert with the area. Offer RM6.00 (500 gram) for East Malaysia and RM10.00 (500 gram) for West Malaysia. Pos Malaysia go step further by providing a PRA-BAYAR envelope and Box, customer able to buy the envelope first and ship anytime later. As for service normally item will arrive the Next day and 2 days for Sabah and Serawak. No worries you may track in you parcel update on Pos Malaysia website and also get roughly cost for your shipment.
Skynet is one of the courier who offer special collection and delivery options including:
  • Extended service hours
  • Weekend and holiday service
  • Remote areas service
  • Dedicated truck for heavy or bulky load
Skynet also provides a prepaid envelope & box for customer convenience with affordable rate, now Skynet is one of seller option to send their parcel.
Citylink can be one of the option for delivery good, seller who send the item using Citylink can use their own packaging for delivery purpose. Citylink also provide:
  • Door-to-Door delivery for Domestic and interational shipments.
  • Pick-up of shipments available.
  • No weight limit.
Ta-Q-bin is a perfect courier if you selling FRESH FOOD or anything that Fresh include flower also, because they promise to sell in on the next day delivery, they working 365 Days, they able to sent it event during weekend and at night also. Ta-Q-bin is the only company able to do Cash On Delivery on behalf of seller. They committed to sent it to several areas only for this time being,but good news! they will cover all states soon.
Comparing that you need to do coordination if wish to use different courier for different type of product will be headache, but EasyParcel  have a solution for you. A platform which bring courier to you, open a free account with EasyParcel , and you ready to do shipment. compare that you need to open account with every courier service for pick up service, EasyParcel will make you life easier.
Bring all the courier under once roof and get cheap rates for it. Change to EasyParcel now for your business growth.