Chinese New Year is around the corner! Who’s ready for it?

By June Sim · 20th January, 2016

Chinese New Year is around the corner! Who’s ready for it? | EasyStore
8th of February is the Chinese New Year of 2016. I believe that there are full of business opportunities waiting to be discovered. You may like to know, who has been doing well in online business during Chinese New Year in recent years?
My answer is,  Eu Yan Sang Malaysia.
In Malaysia, Chinese prefers to give a set of hamper to their business partner or friends and family. Hampers represent love, wishes, good relationship for their loves one and also their business partners. Thus, every one month before Chinese New Year, people will start ordering various of hampers.
Eu Yan Sang has been a trusted brand in Malaysia for 130 year. They market fine quality Chinese herbs, Chinese Proprietary Medicines, as well as health foods and supplements. Offering more than 300 products under the Eu Yan Sang brand name and over 1,000 different types of Chinese herbs and other medicinal products.
Starting from few years ago, Eu Yan Sang started to sell hampers as the Chinese New Year featured product. Especially in the recent years, even they have decided to sell their hampers through the online channel. The reason why Eu Yan Sang does well in online channel is because of their immediate response online service and also the delivery service commitment.
Giving out a gift is always a touching moment for the receiver as it cut off the trouble for the sender. Eu Yan Sang understands the buyer’s need and they help to fulfil the demand during the peak season. As you can notices in their official website, campaign design is special for Chinese New Year and also they have the limited time promotion to boost the sales with the campaign.
People like to send hampers during Chinese New Year, and Eu Yan Sang has caught on the trend.
For you, as an online seller in Malaysia, Do you think before that you can design any special campaigns for Chinese New Year? Hope this article could inspire you to do something. Let’s brainstorm the Chinese New Year’s campaign for your online business! Gong Xi Fa Cai!