3 effective Facebook Ads targeting for your online store

By Amirul Mokhtar · 23rd June, 2016

3 effective Facebook Ads targeting for your online store | EasyStore

Facebook rolled out a powerful tool to help you enhance your advertising for your online store. If you aren't familiar with custom audience, it's a function in Facebook ads manager that allows you to create audiences who are already connected with your business in some way. They can be existing customers or people who have interacted with your business on Facebook or your website.

Different ways to create custom audience on Facebook

The Facebook Custom Audience tool is extremely flexible. There are so many different ways you can use it for your business. But because there are so many possibilities, the thought of it can be overwhelming. Especially if you are a newbie when it comes to using Facebook Ads to bring traffic to your online store.

In this post, I will cover the different strategies you can use to effectively market your online store using 3 custom audiences

Custom Audience #1 - People who visited your online store

Out of all the custom audiences, this is probably the most commonly used. This allows you to target anyone who has visited your online store in a certain number of days (maximum 180). In order to capture those that visited your site, you will first need to install Facebook Pixel in your online store. With EasyStore, you can easily do this with the Facebook Pixel app.

Create a website custom audience

You can use this audience for retargeting to get people to visit your store again. Someone might be viewing your products but suddenly something came up (personal matters) which causes them to leave your site. In this case you can use this custom audience to remind them to continue shopping at your store.

This can be narrowed down even more to specific pages of your site. This is great for abandoned cart recovery or even upselling and cross selling. Let's say someone adds an item to their shopping cart but didn't complete the purchase. You can retarget them to complete the purchase. Maybe even provide them a discount code to attract them back to purchase.

Custom Audience #2 -  People who haven't visited in a certain amount of time

These are the people that visited your store but haven't been back in a certain number of days. You can use this specific audience for re-engagement. Some sample campaigns you can run with this audience is a "we miss you" campaign. Offer some incentives to this group of people so that they will come back to shop in your online store. 

Create a people haven't visited your site audience

You can also use this audience to tell them about new arrivals or changes you have made to your store. It has been a while since their last visit. Maybe last time they visited, you didn't have the stock for a certain product in hand or you didn't have the particular design they wanted. Well, now you do, so you can use this custom audience to tell them about it. 

This custom audience also works well if the products you are selling only last for a certain period. An example is an online store that sells health supplements. One product may only last for a month. So you can retarget them with your ads and get them to purchase as theirs run out. 

Custom Audience #3 - Lookalike existing customers

Aside from the website custom audience, Facebook also allow you to import your customer list and set it as an audience for your ads campaign. You can take this even further with lookalike audiences. You can choose any of your custom audience (website visitors or existing customer list) and Facebook can look for similar people to that audience and create a new audience called a lookalike audience. You can also set the size of this audience.

Import tool provided by Facebook to upload your customer as an audience

This is a great audience to start with if you are unsure of the different targeting options that is available when using Facebooks Ads. You can use a lookalike audience of your existing customer to bring more quality traffic to your online store. The people in the lookalike audience have similarities in terms of demographics and interest. 

*Bonus: You can use Facebook's Audience Insight tool to study your audiences and find out things such as their gender, pages they like, their location, and much more.

An audience insight tool that allows you to study your custom audience


Facebook Custom Audience is definitely a game changer in the online advertising arena. Incorporating these custom audiences into your marketing strategy can put you ahead of your competitors. There are many different ways you can use these custom audiences to keep people coming back to your online store. Try them out today.