13 New Promotions Tools Hits EasyStore

By Melissa Poh · 30th May, 2018

13 New Promotions Tools Hits EasyStore | EasyStore
“Without promotion, something terrible happens… Nothing!” - P.T. Barnum 

When there’s nothing happening to your business, it also means that you’ve yet done any effective action to market your business. I ain’t suggesting you drop your product prices significantly, but a well-planned solution wrapped around your products that your customers will take note of and value, and your prospects will be attracted to try for the first time.

We've restructured our promotion tools into 4 types: Discount | Free gift | PWP (Add-on) | Credit


You don’t run discount 24/7/365, this can eventually position your business as “Low-priced brand”. When your prospects wish to look for something cheap, they think of your store. This works unless you’re running price war all the time with your competitors. Else, it should be a seasonal relevant promotion that urges your customers in decision making. Our new discount module allows you to run various discount promotion for storewide & selected products, at the same time applying extra conditions as below. How cool it could be:

Free gift 

90% of consumers say free gift with purchase increases brand loyalty. After receiving a free gift for the first time, the next time your customers encounter other websites selling the same product, they somewhat likely to purchase from you who provided the free value-added. Believe it or not? No? Try our free gift promotion tool, try with a free account before getting all features unlocked.


Purchase With Purchase (PWP) can easily draw customers’ attention and increase their shopping cart's total. As a result, customers believe that they successfully grab the promotion and you literally upsell them to spend more. With EasyStore PWP, you could wrap the promotion with your products and make them as a bundle pack. For example, purchase a laptop and get a mouse at only $10.


It's definitely more than just a credit. Rewarding your customers with store credit makes them feel exclusive owning the membership on your ecommerce website. It also shows that your business is committed to giving your loyal customers the special treatment they deserve. In EasyStore, you can reward your customers by percentage (%) or value ($) with your preferred amount spend. For example, $1 credit with $100 spend. Your customers can collect the credit each time shopping with you and spend the spend on the next purchase.

Here is the summary of each plan promotion tools:

Anyhow, your customers will remember their experience with your brand long after they’ve forgotten a discount. A brand cultivates true customer loyalty by making sure each engagement - whether in person, on your ecommerce website - that is valuable for them. In EasyStore, we not only focus in helping you to run a promotion, but we also aim to provide a smooth shopping experience to your customers and this is why Single Page Checkout, Express Checkout, and Seamless Payment exist. Read more about Customer Checkout Experience.