May 2024 Product Updates

By Kelie Wong · 2nd June, 2024

May 2024 Product Updates | EasyStore

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Each month, we bring you the latest product improvements, new features, and updates designed to better serve our customers.

This time around, we're focused on making the customer experience better and your operations easier to deliver good customer experience.

We wish you happy selling, and may the customers be with you!

EasyStore May 2024 Product Updates 

  1. [Customers]: RFM Segmentation
  2. [POS]: Enhancements On Tax, Payment and Scanner
  3. [Orders]: Checkout Without Email
  4. [Messages]: Instagram Inbox 
  5. [Customers]: Credit Center 
  6. [Promotions]: One-Click Promo Duplication
  7. [Products]: Item Restock
  8. [Products]: Restock Activity
  9. [Orders]: Filter Orders By Shipping Address
  10. [Messages]: Broadcast Preview
  11. [Sales Channel - Messenger]: Customer Chat (Deprecated) 
  12. [Logistics App - Lalamove Malaysia]Pre-set Rates

1. [Customers]: RFM Segmentation

If you're new to setting up your long-term loyalty program, here's a simple way to categorize your customers for effective targeted marketing, called Segments.

EasyStore's Segment Tool is developed based on the RFM Model, a widely used technique in marketing and customer analytics based on their transaction history measured across 3 factors, each measured across a 4 point scale. 

  • Recency: How recently a customer made a purchase. A score of 1 means they haven't purchased recently, while a score of 4 means they've made a purchase very recently.

  • Frequency: How often a customer makes purchases. A score of 1 means they rarely make purchases, while a score of 4 means they make purchases frequently.

  • Monetary: How much a customer spends. A score of 1 means they spend very little, while a score of 4 means they spend a lot.

By default, EasyStore provides four pre-defined RFM Combinations to represent categorize four main customer segments, monitoring the percentage they account for compared to your entire customer database.

  • Losing: Customers who haven't purchased recently, with low frequency and spending.

  • New: New customers who have made their first purchase recently.

  • Potential: Customers who have purchased recently but not very frequently, with high spending potential.

  • Top Spender: Customers who purchase frequently and spend a lot.

With these segments, you can send targeted marketing messages, including broadcasts and promotions, more effectively to each group of customers.

Ultimately, increasing the percentage of Top Spenders is what we aim for, as they are more valuable to the business in terms of loyalty and revenue. 

If you wish to customize your own segments, simply click 'Create Segment'!

2. [POS]: Enhancements On Tax, Payment and Scanning

  • Auto-Apply Tax for POS orders: You can now set to auto apply tax for POS-orders based on tax settings you have pre-set. 

  • Customer Payment Gateway: You can also add custom payment gateways exclusively for POS checkouts, keeping them distinct from online store payments.

  • Auto-detect External Scanner: When using an external scanner on the POS home page, EasyStore now automatically adds scanned items to the cart for quicker checkout. However, note that this feature only works at the beginning of the checkout process.

3. [Orders]: Checkout Without Email

You can now provide customer checkout options without needing an email address, ensuring a smoother checkout process. Order updates will be updated through SMS, which will consume 20 tokens.

However, please be aware that an email input box will still be visible for payment or logistics options that mandate an email. This includes payment methods like 3rd party or self-integrated payments (e.g., Aftee, MPGS - Hong Leong, Bank SinoPac) and logistics partners such as 3rd party or self-integrated logistics (e.g., Ezship TW). 

What if customers still prefer to receive email updates after checkout? 

Don't worry, customers still have the option to enter their email on the success page if they opted out of providing one during checkout.

4. [Messages]: Instagram Inbox

EasyStore Unified Inbox enables seamless communication across multiple platforms like Messenger, Telegram, Line, and WhatsApp Business. And this month, get ready for Instagram integration!

5. [Customers]: Credit Center

The credit feature allows you to reward your customers with credit, and refund your customers with a credit instead of cash. Your customers can spend the collected credit during their next purchase.

We've simplified credit management with the introduction of the Credit Center. Here's what you can do with it!

  • Quick Summary: Merchants get an instant view of total active credits and the percentage of customers holding them.
  • Credit Histories: Merchants track real-time credit transactions, including issuance, redemption, and refunds, with associated customer details. This ensures transparency and enables quick discrepancy resolution.

  • Credit Settings: Merchants have control over credit management, with customizable settings like eligibility criteria, maximum credit usage per transaction, and the option to enable or disable credits. These settings enhance customer satisfaction and optimize marketing strategies.

6. [Promotions]: One-Click Promo Duplication

There are 2 types of promotions you can set inside EasyStore - discount and vouchers. 

  • Discounts can be automatically applied or redeemed through a unique discount code,

  • Vouchers can be allocated based on various criteria like direct redemption, loyalty points, new sign-ups, or birthdays month.

And duplicating promotions has become simpler than ever—just a single click, and everything is replicated for you. 

However, if a promotion requires a unique discount code, a new discount code will be automatically assigned. If you wish to customise the discount code, delete the auto-assigned promo code and add your own code.

7. [Products]: Item Restock 

Customer requests for refunds, returns, or cancellations are a normal part of the selling process, as the ultimate goal is to ensure customers receive the products and experience they want.

If you're wondering how EasyStore manages inventory upon customers requesting refunds, returns, or cancellations — especially for products that deserve a new chance to meet their new owners. EasyStore provides the option to restock the items back into your inventory.

  • On the POS, upon completing the order return or refund process, you will be automatically prompted to restock the amount of inventory. What if you miss this prompt? Don't worry, read on! 

  • Inside the EasyStore admin panel, you can select the order, click into the order details, select either to return, refund or cancel order, and then select the amount of inventory you wish to restock again.

8. [Products]: Restock Activity 

EasyStore also helps you keep track of restock activity to ensure you have a full understanding of inventory movement.

What if you performed an item restock from order return or refund and noticed that the products are no longer resell-able?

You have the option to undo the restock! Here's how you can do it:

  • Go to order activity.
  • Find the restock activity record.
  • Expand it and find the delete button.

Please note that for orders that are automatically cancelled, you will not see Restock Activity in order activity. This is because EasyStore helps to restock the inventory automatically. 

However, we understand there could be case where you might not want to restock items for cancelled order. Rest assured, and stay tuned as we will roll out another enhancement soon on this! 

9. [Orders]: Filter By Shipping Address

You can now filter orders based on customer address, specifically by country, province, district, and sub-district. This allows you to see where your orders are coming from and where your loyal customers are located.

This is a key tool for merchants who are:

  • Deciding on the next location for a retail outlet.
  • Planning marketing campaigns or community programs.

Simply go to Orders, click on Filter, and select 'Shipping Address.'

Please note that if you have selected two countries, province, district, and sub-district options will not appear. 

10. [Messages]: Broadcast Preview

Want to take a sneak peek before hitting send on those crucial broadcast messages? 

Well, now you can! 

With our latest update, you have the power to preview exactly how your message will look before it reaches your audience.

11. [Sales Channel - Messenger]: Customer Chat (Deprecated) 

For existing merchants who have activated Messenger as Sales Channel inside EasyStore, this is an important announcement. 

Meta (Facebook) will no longer support the Customer Chat Plugin feature starting May 9, 2024. EasyStore will remove the customer chat plugin in admin panel effective 9th June 2024 onwards. 

If you still wish to have chat plugin connected to Messenger, try Smartarget!

12. [Logistics App - Lalamove Malaysia]: Pre-Set Shipping Rates

Previously, EasyStore showcased real-time rates through the Lalamove API. However, Lalamove has now implemented pre-set rate cards to reduce the number of requests made to their API. 

As a result, the shipping rates quoted during checkout and fulfillment may differ.

Releasing Soon 🔥

Sales Attribute to Location & Person: Our POS system will introduce the ability to select attribution for staff and referrals during checkout, along with enhanced sales attribution reports, a staff-location module, customer binding to staff, and auto-attribution for online orders.

Report Exporting: We're introducing the ability to export all reports into CSV files. Get ready to enjoy improved clarity on your business performance. 

In Planning ✍🏻

E-Invoice Malaysia: Starting from August 2024, the rollout of e-Invoicing in Malaysia will occur gradually, beginning with companies with an annual revenue of RM100 million. EasyStore is actively working on integration and planning to ensure that businesses can seamlessly adopt e-Invoicing. Keep an eye out for updates

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