EasyStore Product Updates: July - September 2019

By Max · 17th October, 2019

EasyStore Product Updates: July - September 2019 | EasyStore

Third-quarter of 2019 has passed, and we smell Christmas! It means that – its shopping season! Is your business ready for it? July to September was yet another three months full of features and enhancements. Let's recap what we've done in the past three months.

1. [Admin Panel] Store Listing with Preview

Instead of scrolling the page to find the store you want to manage, you can now view them with a preview background in a block form. 

2. [Admin Panel] Customize Theme via Mobile

We strived to help you do everything in one place, including managing orders, customers, products, promotions, as well as changing the front look of your store. 

You can now edit your theme anytime on your mobile or tablet. For example, you can change your banner for the gifting season to reflect the Christmas season – even when you're away from your table desk. 

3. [Admin Panel] Display Marketplace Order Numbers

It could be a hassle when you need to match your order details on EasyStore and marketplace without having the order numbers displayed on each platform. In fixing this issue, the order numbers from both markets are displayed on the order listing page - at the same time. Also, you can copy the number by clicking on the order number. 

Copy order number with a click

Copy order number with a click

4. [Admin Panel] Search & Filter Marketplace Orders

Not only you are able to see the order numbers from marketplaces, but now you can also search the specific order using the newly launched search and filter function. 

5. [Admin Panel] - Bulk Download EasyParcel Airway bills

Say bye-bye to tired fingers! Great news for all EasyParcel users! Instead of printing the airway bill one by one, you can now download all the airway bills for selected orders at once on your order listing page.

6. [Admin Panel] - Quick Edit Sequence for Product Variants

Previously, you will need to re-insert your variant details if you wish to arrange the sequence of the variants. We shorten the process for you! With this update, you need to change the variant name, and it auto-updates the details that belong to the variants. 

For example, below is the original sequence.

Then, we wish to put [Tablet] as the first variant. We change the name.

The sequence is now changed along with the inventory, price.

7. [Admin Panel] - Birthday Field Added For Registration

A new way to bond with your customers! Knowing their birthday can allow you to do more than just sending a birthday wish. Utilize this information to build your relationship with them, such as sending them an exclusive birthday voucher, reward extra shipping credit, shopping discount for the entire birthday month, etc.

Note: Birthday field is only applicable to specific themes- WAVE, LUCKY, X-FORCE, and the upcoming new themes.

8. [Admin Panel] - Customer Profile Page in New Look

Getting useful information can help in executing the right marketing activities. We have made some changes for the customer profile page:

  • Standardize phone formatting to international format (e.g., +600134455667)

  • Auto-calculate the next birthday and zodiac 

  • Auto-generate google map from address

  • Display [Bought items] of the customer

  • Auto-switch first & last name for the Chinese name (e.g., First name: 李, Last name: 永勝)

Previous display > 永勝李  | New update display> 李永勝

9. [Feature] Auto Send Payment Reminder

Sometimes humans can be forgetful. Not only your customers might forget to make the payment, but you might also forget to send them a reminder. You can now let us do the job for you. Turn on auto-send payment reminder feature, and we will help to remind your customer (via email) 6 hours after an order is made.

10. [Feature] Hidden Facebook Messenger Pop Up

It could be annoying when unnecessary pop-ups block your customers from browsing your website. Instead of popping out to help, we hid the pop up for Facebook Messenger. It means that when your customers land on your website, they will only be prompted with the pop up when they click on the chat icon.

11. [Feature] Facebook Marketing Center

In the past, EasyStores’ users installed Facebook-related apps, which they think possibly helpful to their business. And now, you can connect with your Facebook Business page and turn on useful features with just a few clicks. We assemble most of the essential Facebook-related features on our Admin Panel, and we named it Facebook Marketing. 

With this, our merchants do not need to install the apps separately and go through the setup progress for each feature. This new update only requires a one-time setup to activate the features:

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Facebook Store 

  • Facebook Pixel 

  • Facebook Dynamic Adverts 

  • Facebook Promoter

Read more about Facebook Marketing Center. 

12. [Theme] New Theme - WAVE

Finding the right design for your brand is vital in defining your brand positioning. This is why we're working on launching more themes to help with that. The new theme came with multiple changes and enhanced layout and functionalities, mainly focusing on the shopping experiences of your website visitors.Read more about WAVE theme.

13. [Storefront] - Thai Language Now Available

Looking to expand to Thailand anytime soon? Don't wait any longer. Not only do we support Thailand's payment methods, but the great thing is you can also localize your store with the Thai language. This update will auto-display your store in the Thai language, such as login, adds to cart, menu, default collection name, checkout buttons. 

14. [Storefront] Prevent Spammy Customers

Getting sales is exciting, but when it's not a real customer, it can be frustrating. With the new update, we will auto-detect if the information is provided by a robot and will not record the spammy order details into your EasyStore.

15. [App] - Use Shipping Details as Recipient for EasyParcel Service

You must have known that we usually help you to auto-fill customer's details on the airway bill if you're using EasyParcel service. From the feedback we received, some buyers might not be the recipients, and they're sending the product as a gift. In this latest update, we began to take shipping details as the recipient instead of the billing details.

16. [Payment Gateway] 14 Payment Options Added to iPay88

There are 14 more payment options included for iPay88 users to collect payments. Also, EasyStore merchants are entitled to claim a free iPay88 account too. Ask us for more information at support@easystore.co.

The latest added payment options as follow:

  • Public Bank Online 
  • Credit Card (MYR) Pre-Auth 
  • Pay4Me 
  • BSN Online 
  • Bank Islam 
  • UOB 
  • Hong Leong PEx+ (QR Payment) 
  • Bank Muamalat 
  • OCBC 
  • Standard Chartered Bank 
  • HSBC Online Banking 
  • Kuwait Finance House 
  • Boost Wallet
  • VCash

The payment option that being withdrawn:

  • Celcom air cash

17. [Payment Gateway] Stripe Connect Now Available

Looking for a payment gateway that can be set up quickly? Use Stripe Connect. Another good news is, FPX options are available for Stripe Malaysia users too (coming soon). Recently, EasyStore officially partnered with Stripe to help more businesses to set up and launch their online store in the fastest way. By using Stripe Connect, you can add your Stripe account to your EasyStore right away. Connect Stripe with your EasyStore

18. [Payment Gateway] Omise Now Supports Credit Cards 3DS

EasyStore is committed to protecting all of our merchants against fraud with the best security practices. If you've been using Omise as your payment method, 3-D secure is now supported. According to Omise, 3-D Secure adds another level of protection to both merchants and cardholders. With the service enabled, chances of fraud are reduced significantly as each transaction is authenticated with a second-factor authentication provided by the card-issuing bank (OTP or SMS token).

19. [Service] Migration Service from Other Platforms

We often receive inquiries from people using other online retail outlets that are hoping to use EasyStore and ask if we can help in data migration. After preparing for some time, YES! We're now opened for migration services! We're happy to help out and get your data migration done within a short period. If you're currently using another eCommerce platform but wishing to shift to EasyStore, let us help you, contact us at support@easystore.co

20. [Partner] - Billplz Offers 60 Free Transactions

Not only can you get a free Billplz account to collect online banking payments, but we're also partnering with Billplz to waive the transaction fee for your first 20 (or 60, when you sign up for your preferred Billplz Plan) online banking payments. To enjoy this, you need to be an EasyStore user and then register an account via EasyStore with Billplz. Here's the guide to redeem 20 free transactions

It has been a fruitful quarter, and we can't wait to share more again in the next quarter!