Start a Customer Membership Loyalty Program Using EasyStore

By Amirul Mokhtar · 23rd March, 2023

Start a Customer Membership Loyalty Program Using EasyStore | EasyStore

It is becoming increasingly challenging to keep customers engaged and loyal in today's highly competitive market. Many businesses struggle to find effective ways to incentivize customers to return, which can lead to decreased sales and profit over time.

Without a loyal customer base, businesses can struggle to compete and grow. It can be frustrating for merchants to see their hard-earned customers defect to competitors.

Additionally, merchants may find it difficult to implement and manage an effective loyalty program, as it can be costly and time-consuming without the right tools and expertise.

A unified loyalty solution

Introducing EasyStore’s Unified Membership Program feature that allows merchants to start a customer tiered loyalty program without the need for a large marketing team or technical expertise.

With this feature, merchants can create and manage a loyalty program that rewards customers for their repeat purchases, with benefits and incentives that increase as they spend more money with the merchant.

Unlike other loyalty solutions out there, EasyStore’s membership feature works seamlessly across your online store and physical store, merging online and offline.

This means that customers are able to collect and redeem benefits whether they purchase from your website or purchase in-store. Everything is unified. Even across multiple outlets.

Membership tiers

Membership tiers or levels, mean creating different groupings to classify the customers. When you want to offer customized benefits to your customers, creating membership levels is the easiest way.

With EasyStore, you can set a minimum spending for a customer to be at that membership level and they will automatically be in that membership level immediately after they meet the requirement.

You can also manually assign customers to a specific membership level.

Customize membership perks

Creating membership tiers is a great way to segment your customers and provide them with unique offers to make them feel more appreciated.

The benefits will also encourage customers to spend more so they can get more benefits.

Here are some perks/benefits you can create with EasyStore:

1. Collect and pay with points

With EasyStore loyalty program feature, you can reward your customers with points for every purchase and customers can use those points to discount the amount on their next order. 

By creating membership tiers, you can set different point exchange rate for each level. For example, the lowest membership level will need 100 points to exchange for RM 1 but the highest membership level only needs 90 points to exchange for RM 1.

Additional guide: Point system (Loyalty Program)

2. Members price

Using the Discounts feature in EasyStore, you can offer automatic discounts for members only. Just create any discount you want and you can set the condition that the discount is only applicable for all members or a particular membership level only.

When a customer that belongs to a membership level, visits your store and logs in to their account, they will automatically get the discounted price that you’ve set.

Additional guide: Create discounts for members only 

3. Members’ day sale

Similar to members price, but you set the discounts to be applicable only within a certain time period.

This is a great way to show appreciation for your loyal customers and create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) for new customers to spend more and become members.

Additional guide: Create members day sale 

4. Free or subsidized shipping fee

Consumers love anything that is free. This includes free shipping. 

But simply giving away free shipping can hurt your profits. A better way is to subsidize shipping fee for the higher membership level.

With EasyStore you can create free or subsidized shipping fee discount and vouchers and set it only applicable for a specific membership level.

5. Redeem vouchers with loyalty points

Customer loyalty points are not just used to discount the amount on customers next purchase but can also be used to redeem vouchers.

You can create multiple types of offers customers can redeem such as percent discounts, cash vouchers, buy 1 free 1, free shipping vouchers and much more.

When creating discounts or vouchers, you can set it for redemption by loyalty points. Then set how many points it costs and make it only applicable for selected membership tier(s).

Customers can then log in to their account in your store to shop for vouchers.

Additional guide: Redeem vouchers with loyalty points

6. Other perks

You can also offer perks that is not within your store. For example, you can reward members with appreciation dinners, gift vouchers to other stores, birthday gifts and much more.

You can use the Customer Management feature in EasyStore to filter or segment customers that belong to membership tiers. Then you can use the Message Broadcast feature to communicate special offers to members and instructions on how to redeem it.

Member app

With EasyStore, your customers can access your store and their membership account via the member shopping app.

It functions as a digital membership card for when customers shop in-store. Customers just show their membership card barcode in the app and merchant using EasyStore POS channel can scan the barcode to detect the customer membership during checkout so that they can collect points or redeem.

The shopping app and membership works seamlessly between your online store and physical store. 

Customers can purchase and collect points in-store and redeem it online or vice versa.

Need to send a message to customers that they’ll most likely read? Use the Message Broadcast feature to send a push notification directly to the shopping app.


In conclusion, this feature that allows merchants to start a customer tiered loyalty program is a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase customer retention and drive long-term growth.

With this feature, merchants can create a loyalty program that rewards customers for their repeat business, while also gaining valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. 

By implementing a customer tiered loyalty program, merchants can build a loyal customer base, increase sales, and achieve long-term success in today's competitive business landscape.

Start your own membership loyalty program with EasyStore today!