Marketplace and Your Branding

By Fadila Aziz · 16th January, 2015

Marketplace and Your Branding | EasyStore
When we plan to start our business is very important to have a ground first as your based, but when it’s come to business in ecommerce industries, merchant may explore any platform to build their own empire.
People always talk about marketplace when it’s come to business in ecommerce industries, in Malaysia, marketplace is common and most popular due to its obvious advantage: 1) Huge database, 2) Huge online buyer
However, selling on marketplace only without have “house” as a ground, will not be good step for merchant who plan to build his own branding, because at the end of the day, the branding will back to the marketplace compare to the merchant branding, since merchant do not have any “house” that can be refer by buyer. Having website as "house", it allow customer to comeback for next purchase and will minimize the price war activity. Since day by day, merchant in marketplace will keep increase and they might able to offer cost price as selling price. Again when its come to price war, you will always lose , read previous article HERE
By having an own website as house not only will  prevent price war and also able to build merchant branding through marketplace. All product able to be sync automatically to selected marketplace with huge database gonna be an advantage to website owner.
2 always better than 1 , EasyStore offer a good package to  merchant by having 2 marketplace plug in into the website, merchant able to sync the product to EASYMALL and also new marketplace which call as 11Street. 11Street is a baby of Celcom Planet, with reputation as the number ONE MARKETPLACE in Korea, Turkey, Indonesia, this going to be a huge advantage and new platform to be explore by merchant in Malaysia.
It’s a Good News for ecommerce player in Malaysia