What Should I Sell Online?

By Fadila Aziz · 25th February, 2015

What Should I Sell Online? | EasyStore
What should I sell?
Above will be the main question pop up to you mind when you decide to start your business online. Everything can sell online nowadays, but it’s very important to make sure anything that you sell will give a profit to you as merchant.  Selling a right product will keep you in the industries.
Below tips maybe can help for newbies on what to sell :
What is your passion? You love accessories or gadget? Having passion in what you do is very important, because only passion will help to boost your effort in what you sell. Example, if you passion in gadget don’t sell gadget! Why? Because there is too many seller in market doing it, you will fall info price war, and bear in mind, margin gadget was very low, either you make money or you lose money by selling gadget. What you should sell is gadget Accessories, because all gadget need accessories, and accessories always changing, maybe now buyer look for something simple accessories, when festival session they might need to have accessories related to colour of the festival also. One phone might need at least 10 accessories, you may start with casing, dust plug, screen protector and etc.  Extra point to you if the accessories you design by yourself.
# One or Multiple
Should you sell 1 type of product or mix up? My answer is mix up. Why? If you focus on 1 product, the possibility for people to be return customer less compare if you sell everything. Example: as gadget seller, you main focus will be gadget, you customer might buy their first phone with you, but they not going to change their phone once a week or once a month right? But they will keep changing the accessories maybe once a week, so this give more chance to have then as return customer if you sell accessories also instead of gadget only.
 Can it be different type of product? Yes you can. You may sell home accessories product and also selling product under fashion categories, there is no right and wrong when we talk about eCommerce. Your website will have different categories to help you to separate the product, so it not going to look messy. EasyStore have this as advantage, you may have lots categories and each categories can have up to 4 subcategories, it will help you customer to look for the product in the right category, it will save you customer time and will grab the sales fast for you as merchant.