Top 4 free tracking apps you need to install in your online store - Part 2

By June Sim · 27th June, 2016

Top 4 free tracking apps you need to install in your online store - Part 2 | EasyStore

You’re done setting up your online store but don’t know what is next? Actually you could install the Top 5 recommended tracking app as below to understand more about your store’s performance.

Never stop here, keep going on your online business journey :

App # 1 : Google Analytics- Understand your store’s performance.

A free web analytics service for anyone who has a google account and a website. If you are using EasyStore, you can just directly install google analytics app with EasyStore without any coding skills. Google Analytics help you track the overall traffics performance of your store and also analyze the data & behavior from your store visitors. I.e demographics, languages, location, interest.

All the data collection and insight could be use for marketing purpose.

Find out about  Google Analytics : How it works?

App # 2 : Google Webmaster Tools -  Ready your store in Google Search Engine.

Are you struggling on how to get your store found in Google Search Engine? Then Google Webmaster Tools will be your first lesson to learn about the visibility of your store in Google Search Engine.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools is a free web service by Google for webmastering purpose. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimise the visibility of their websites in Google search engine. Sourced by Wikipedia

By installing the Google Webmaster tools, your store will be crawled by google search engine and it will give you some information and insight such as keyword ranking data, traffic trends based on your website content. Which means, your store started getting verified by google search engine and searchers are able to find your store by keyword search. Learn more about Google Webmaster Tools

App # 3 : Facebook Pixel  -  Exposure the Facebook network

Facebook pixel is the right tool for sellers who are running  Facebook Advertisement from Facebook network. It enables advertiser to measure, optimise and build audiences which across from the multiple devices for the ad campaigns. So, before you start to test run the Facebook ads for your store or products, the facebook pixel is a necessary tool to help you track the accurate data about your audience. Or you can install Facebook Pixel now for future reference.  

App # 4 : Hotjar -  Monitoring your store from recording video.

Hotjar is an interesting app to let you monitor how store visitors are “using your website”. Which means, you can watch the recording of when visitors are browsing your store in your hotjar account. On the other hand, you also could insert some chat and survey questions to your store visitors and get feedback from them. It helps you to optimise a better shopping experience on your online store. Install and see how’s people using your store

This is the recording video to let seller see how is visitor using your online store.

Seller can play every recorded video from hotjat's dashboard.