Start to become an Entrepreneur

By Amirul Mokhtar · 13th August, 2015

Start to become an Entrepreneur | EasyStore

It is easy to startup your own business and be a successful entrepreneur. Nowadays it doesn’t cost much to run a small business, especially doing an online business. In this generation, we can see many young people selling online. If they can do it, you can do it too. Some basic things and knowledge an online seller needs to know and start an online business are products, platform, payment gateway and shipping.  


The idea of product sourcing may seem overwhelming to you as a new business owner, but it's really very simple.  It just means finding products at a wholesale price that you can resell at a retail price. Besides, you also can resell almost anything such as old books, IT gadgets, accessories and etc.  Whether you're starting an e-commerce site or a physical retail business, you need a steady, reliable source of inventory. 


A good E-commerce platform can determine the success of your online business, just like a good location for physical store. It can help you manage your business more efficiently and it saves more time. In addition, a good E-commerce platform should provide all the necessary features such as shopping cart, store management, marketing tools, analytics & report and etc. Without those features, seller must do it manually such as record processing order, calculating inventories, sales report and so on. It is very time consuming and tedious for seller.  Thus, a great E-commerce platform can help online seller achieve their business goals.

Payment gateway

In every sales transaction, it is all about money. Online buyers will make their payment via multiple payment options.  A proper E-commerce platform must include payment gateway which can be trusted. A better payment gateway should have multiple payment options available for the buyers to choose from, such as credit card, debit card, bank transfer and etc. With a good payment gateway, online buyers will be able to put their trust in your website and products and this will lead to a successful website.


Shipping methods is definitely a must when you provide a good E-commerce platform.  It will be very useful especially when you have customers from other states or country. If you want to expand your online business to greater heights, your product should not only be sold to your state or country that you live in, but worldwide as well. This is why shipping is necessary to assist in the delivery of your product that will ensure your online business is giving customer satisfaction. 
If you want to achieve a high goal. you are going to have to take some chances. You can start your entrepreneur journey by starting an online business.