Simplify Your Digital Accounting Procedure with Biztory

By Yavini Lucille · 23rd August, 2020

Simplify Your Digital Accounting Procedure with Biztory | EasyStore

Online selling/buying are getting bigger and bigger

In Malaysia, there are more than 26 million Malaysians that use the internet every day, according to GlobalWebIndex, it shows that 80% of users between the ages of 16 and 64 are already shopping online.


In Malaysia, the ecommerce is growing rapidly with Statista’s data showing that combined spend across all sectors grew by 24 percent compared to 2018.


Due to Covid-19, online shopping is more convenient because everyone is not allowed to go out and buy stuff. Due to this situation some of the small online sellers might not be able to track their inventory, and online sellers do not always have their important data such as customer’s details and their accounting related paper around, and they are not able to track everything. 

Another problem that online sellers might meet when they start their business with a small capital of money and are not able to afford accountants to help them. Other problems that online sellers might meet is there are two taxes which are GST and SST. Small business owners might not know how to do their Tax submission, and they might occur missing submission entry and cause the amount of tax payable is incorrect. 

Integration with Biztory

Now Biztory are collaborating with EasyStore, by syncing your EasyStore with Biztory. It allows users to sync their EasyStore Transaction Order and Payment Methods. Once a user links Biztory and Easystore, the user has the ability to do order synchronization, which means the user can export all their products, orders and customer data, it also allows the user to track and manage their inventory.

Other than that, it also allows users to generate a full set accounting report just by one click, users can track their income, balance, and cash flow. Biztory also has the ability to automated bookkeeping, how does auto bookkeeping help with customer business? By using Biztory, it will help to organize customer’s accounting and detailed accounting reports and help customers to store their important documents. Automated bookkeeping also helps customers to monitor all account credits and debits, by using automated bookkeeping, it will help customers to get rid of the human error such as losing data or important documents.

What is Biztory Cloud Accounting?

Biztory is a cloud accounting software that allows users to remotely manage their accounting, Biztory’s accounting service is based on cloud, it means that users are allowed to access their record anywhere on any device that has internet connection. Biztory is designed with a user-friendly interface, it allows anyone that is new to accounting, also has the ability to manage and monitor their business.

The main idea of Biztory is to provides user with an automated accounting system and aim to help every company to run and maintain their business more efficient, no matter how big or small your company are, with Biztory user have the ability to note down their invoices, purchases and expenses, not only that user also can do their monthly bank reconciliation.

Why do you have to use Biztory?

The Reason why you should use Biztory is because sometimes ecommerce sales are unstoppable, and for a small business owner this kind of situation might not be easy to handle, by using Biztory it can act as a third party to help business owners.

Biztory’s plan are more affordable compared to other accounting software, if a new SME company wants to do accounting but only has a small capital of money, no worry there are 3 different plans in Biztory which is S, M, and L. If company decide to subscribe the M plan, Company will have the ability to access Full Set Accounting feature. Second, companies also have the ability to control their Inventory & Stock. Besides that, M plan also allows users to switch between Multi Currency. By subscribing to Biztory M plan, it also allows customers to use Biztory API Integration, which means Application Program Interface which means users can connect 2 kinds of software. Biztory has around 30 integration softwares that provide users with an automated workflow, here are some examples: ipay88, MolPay, Hong Leong Bank, Whatsapp, Email.

What are the benefits for online sellers if they use Biztory?

There are a few benefits that Biztory provides to their potential customers, which are Full Feature, because there are few taxes in Malaysia which are SST and GST, by using Biztory, users have the ability to get their billing, accounting all under one roof. Second, at Biztory have their own User guide that guide all the new customer how to use their accounting system, if user still does not understand how to use Biztory after reading the user guide, Biztory also provide online demo sessions and offline one to one consultation session to provide customer a great experience with Biztory. Third benefits of Biztory are their own Tax Estimator, which helps SME to estimate how much is their company’s tax payment, you may check out Biztory’s Website for more information.