Preserving the Heritage of Traditional Crafts

By Eric Lian · 28th January, 2019

Preserving the Heritage of Traditional Crafts | EasyStore

The word “tradition” often brought out the meaning of old and outdated. But sometimes, the most beautiful things are preserved the longest as if it’s original. 

There are various ways to keep the tradition in the world that we are living in right now. Myatodesign has chosen to preserve the heritage of traditional craft and empower the new generations of crafters by producing handmade items from start to finish with leather. 

EasyStore has the privilege to interview the founder of Myatodesign, Mya. With the charismatic and courageous intent to start her own business at a young age, let’s take a look at the story behind the little success she had built so far. 


1. Introduce yourself and tell us how your brand, Myatodesign, is being created.

My name is Mya, founder of Myatodesign. The company was established since 2012, with my first stall at Scape, Orchard. I started this small business proudly called mine when I was 22. Myatodesign is a Singapore community-driven craft agency and is the first women leather maker in the local night market scene. Creating well designed, but a functional product that never grows old. The “Handmade” aspect of our brand is the key element of our ideals.


2. What inspired you to use the leather making Myatodesign?

My passion for creating personalized handicraft products lead me to who I am as a designer. Each and every product and bespoke projects are handcrafted with passion. On top of that, every leather products Myatodesign craft, it comes with free engraving. This gives a personal touch to my customers. I intend to bring my customers quality leather products, with depth, products that are effortlessly timeless.

3. Before you started this business, what were you doing?

I was working as a full-time graphic designer as well as a freelance designer. It was definitely a tough decision to quit from my full-time job for this to pursue my dreams. I was required to go out of my comfort zone in order to be the business owner of my own. As you know to live in Singapore, the expenses are much higher but I choose to believe in what I do and what I would like to achieve. Time doesn’t wait, only we wait for time.

Fun fact: Myatodesign started off as a graphic design platform, which later, converted to full-time leather craftwork.


4. It seems that you are having workshops, is there any specific reason to do so?

Yes. There’s a couple of reasons why I’ve started providing crafting classes. A business owner will know that online businesses are pretty much competitive as compared to the past, why fighting against fire? So why not try providing something different? Something that not anybody else can do, like workshops and services. So I’ve come out of a way to improve my business and that also allowed me to share my knowledge, my crafting journey of Art of Leather Making at the same time. I would say this idea was ‘killing two birds with one stone’. I genuinely wish I could empower the next generation of crafters because I feel that the traditional handicrafts are losing their identity.

5. What are the challenges?

As an entrepreneur especially, you won’t be having a stable income. I have zero knowledge of handling business, you know you have to start doing some accounting, some marketing, etc. I have to keep track of the current trends, the upcoming promotions I will need to shout out. It was definitely a challenge for me to learn something different out from my comfort zone and somehow I did it! Don’t be afraid to learn.


6. How do you overcome these challenges?

With support from family and friends, they have never doubted what I’m doing and which gave me much more motivation to pursue it. To the above question 4). By adding on workshops, also by adding on live station services (Onsite embossing), something more than just selling products.  Maintaining good customer service plays an important role as well, I’m always happy to see return customers because they appreciate my craftwork. Not to forget, managing the good connections and socializing because it helps to build a stronger network.

7. How does EasyStore help you in your business?

It allows me to start up a small online business at an affordable rate. I’m pretty sure EasyStore is striving hard to improve on more features and functionality for a better user experience.


8. What’s your vision or goal for your business in the future?

My future goal is to build awareness around handicraft work. Although the importance of handicraft has been widely recognized, the literature regarding the preservation and sustaining of traditional craft is still considered scarce.

 In my view, the significance of sustaining the heritage of traditional crafts should be aware by the public meanwhile the empowerment of the new-generation crafters ought to be valued in the midst of the digital age

Technological advancements are great and powerful in the years coming. However, I’m concerned that traditional handicrafts are losing their identity. As a designer, I destine to preserve and share my knowledge about the craftwork with the future generation.

You can customize personally your own leather gifts for yourself and even your loved ones. Your sincerity in the gifts will definitely touch the bottom of their hearts.

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