Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding in 2022

By Yavini Lucille · 14th April, 2022

Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding in 2022 | EasyStore

There is no doubt that mobile app is popular trend among new generation user, but only a handful of business owner understand how mobile app can boost their business revenue. It’s the fact that social networking apps and shopping apps are the game changer for commerce now.

You might question yourself...

Do I need a mobile app for my online store?

For many, the idea of starting a business from their mobile device sounds like a bit of a joke—a silly principle or a far-fetched idea. But little people know that mobile have become the ‘first’ screen for businesses.

According to a recent survey, 92% of the internet user stated that on average they spent more than four hours each day on their phone. That’s not even including work-related smartphone use!Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog1

Survey shows that mobile users are spending 92% of their time on mobile app instead of searching on the web browser.

So what does this mean?

Mobile apps have become the leading paths to discovery and purchase. But using apps to drive traffic to your online store or building one on your own is expensive.

That's why Shopping App was created, a free channel that helps merchants secure high-value real estate on customers' phones.Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog2

The must-know considerations about using mobile app

  • Increase customer stickiness to your store. Customers shop everywhere, and you have to reach them where they are, both online and offline. They can find you much more easily on a mobile device they use every day.Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog3
  • No need to create the app yourself. All of us know that mobile app development is not easy as we think. We handle all the complicated development process for you.
  • Improved customer purchasing experience. Get the quick access shopping catalogue right at their fingertips. Enable users to input basic details one time instead of re-entering them for every purchase.Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog4
  • Outplay your competitor. Having a mobile app for online business, especially small business, is becoming less common these days, and this is where you can gain an advantage over your competition.
  • Increase repeat purchase. The app make online shopping simple to access and get even closer to your customers wherever they go. In other words, your online store is literally in their pockets.Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog5

Need help building your brand with online store? Check out these 4 simple steps to a successful brand building in EasyStore.

How customers buy from you on Shopping AppOwn Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog6

Before we start, make sure you have installed Shopping App from App Store, Google Play, or Huawei Gallery.

  1. Search your business by entering store URL or scan OR code
  2. Browse your store
  3. Add products to bag and checkout!

That’s it for a customer to buy from you. It’s simple and straightforward, right?

Ten reasons why your business need Shopping App

Until recently, you either had to know how to code or pay someone to develop the app for you. Today, Shopping App makes it easier for you to achieve your ideas to life. Here are some useful tools to ensure a seamless user experience for your mobile shoppers:Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog6

Wonder how it works? Find out more here.

Three simple steps to activate Shopping AppOwn Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog7

  1. Simply enable the Shopping App channel in EasyStore admin panel
  2. Add your store details (Including store logo and store name)
  3. Start selling on Shopping App

The possibilities for Shopping App are endless

Have your ever imagined: What if you could notify customers about new product launches or flash sales instantly? Sending push notifications to your customers in real time isn’t impossible. As we just started.Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog8

Own Your Mobile Store Without Coding_blog9

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