Not enough money? Employees have to find more income stream in 2016.

By June Sim · 13th January, 2016

Not enough money? Employees have to find more income stream in 2016. | EasyStore
Are you an employee in Malaysia? 
How do you feel when the exchange rate of ringgit malaysia keeps falling and the cost of living in Malaysia is still high for most of us? According to the speech from Datuk Ahmad Maslan(Deputy Minister in the International Trade and Industry ), said that he encourages Malaysians to have an online business on top of a day job to cope with the rising cost of living.
Starting an online business is a trendy option for Malaysians now. We hear from lot of friends around us also hope to catch this great opportunity to create their new income stream in 2016. Comparing to some countries, for example Taiwan, Korea, China, and Japan. Malaysia’s Ecommerce market still considered as a very new business pool for us to find out the potentials. The most important is, online business has the lower entry barrier for everyone.
How low is the entry barrier? 
#1  Flexible time
Yes. You can run the business after working hours. At least, it doesn't need you to take the high risk for resigning your current job. This is the most important factor for employees.
#2  Lowest starting cost
The cost of starting a traditional business is required at least 10k and above. As a full time employee, 10k is a big amount for us, it is not easy for us to get a try. But for online business you maybe only need to spend few hundred to thousand, it depends on your requirement, even can get a zero startup cost. What a good chance to kick start!
#3 Try & Error 
As I mentioned the starting cost is lower than a piece of peanut. You will never be scared of any failure anymore. As an employee, we always want to make sure everything is under control and didn't get effect of the original plan of our life. Online business is a testing pool for you to try and error. Cost of failure is low! 
Thus, do you ever think of the this option to be your 2016 resolution? The trying cost is low, if you do fail, it won’t feel as painful and if you succeed then you will turn your role from employee to employer, sound attractive right? Good Luck to you in 2016! Everyone should try online now!