M'sian Full-Time Veterinarian Got Invited from AEON for Her Homemade Candles

By Yavini Lucille · 17th August, 2020

M'sian Full-Time Veterinarian Got Invited from AEON for Her Homemade Candles | EasyStore

Which type of scented candles do you prefer to ensure a long-lasting scent in your room? Most would choose a candle jar. But, have you heard of candle Meltz before?

Dr. Nadia, a veterinarian who loves animals and works six days a week at her clinic, is also, surprisingly, a candle maker who has turned her hobby into a success story. 

She was just an online seller of candle Meltz until she saw an opportunity to get her products on AEON department stores’ shelves. 

No One is Doing This, I am the First One.

In 2016, Dr. Nadia was just a hobbyist candle maker like thousands of others else while working a full-time job as a veterinarian. 

Since she spent her only day off every week making candles, her husband suggested she use the Internet to start selling them online? 

At the time, there was not a lot of demand for scented candles. Seeing an opportunity the former veterinarian decided she would be the one to fill the gap in the market. But even Dr. Nadia didn't expect that her homemade candles will be displayed at AEON department stores just four years later.

Toughest Task: Nobody has heard of Candle Meltz

When creating a cozy and relaxing candle-lit atmosphere in a room, the first thought of most Malaysian’s would be a candle jar. And that was the hardest obstacle to overcome on this business journey. 

Utilizing the resources she had, Dr. Nadia found that vides, and social media were a must to educate her potential audience about her candle Meltz. YouTube and Instagram quickly became her most visited tabs.

Credit: Candlenutsbynadia Official Website

She spent every spare minute writing and designing tutorials on the materials used and how to use her Meltz in an attempt to close the information gap and deliver as much knowledge to her audience as possible.

The tutorial video that introduces Candle Meltz to the public.

On-site Tools Provide Effortless Scale and Automation

When asked about any personal sacrifices during her business journey, Dr. Nadia laughed,  “Did I tell you that I am a mother too?” She sacrificed her sleeping hours to excel at three roles; as a veterinarian, an entrepreneur, and a mother. 

When reflecting on her processes before having a website, this modern entrepreneur states that she has learned a lot about avoiding human error. WhatsApp used to be one of her primary sources to receive orders, and the wrong orders were often sent to the wrong customers due to her unorganized system. Now she’s able to post and track parcels for every customer while providing an improved shopping experience.

Other than that, her website has also grown the online presence of her brand. The website is a pleasure for users to navigate; a customer can easily search through products and then checkout on the website to complete their purchase.

Meanwhile, since she’s not an IT-savvy person, the backend gives her the ability to ask questions of Gurus in the admin panel anywhere, which removes the frustration involved in managing an online store.

Never Try, Never Know Your Limits

When Dr. Nadia started her candle making journey, she only offered two items - candle Meltz and her candle jar. In her opinion, quality is far more important than quantity. 

Although only the candle Meltz received a warm response from the market, her Meltz were incredibly successful, receiving glowing reviews on social media. 

There is a possibility that no one knows her product, but no one never buys her product for only one time.

Let's visit her online shop and support local businesses with us!

Official Website: https://www.candlenutsbynadia.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/candlenutsbynadia/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/candlenutsbynadia