Fulfill Your Orders with J&T Express MY

By Yavini Lucille · 8th June, 2020

Fulfill Your Orders with J&T Express MY | EasyStore

What’s your preferred courier service for your business? J&T Express Malaysia provides nationwide delivery service based on top-notch modernized e-technology. J&T Express could be one of your choices to make your parcels to be delivered with a variety of services now in EasyStore.

 ‘Express your online business’ is the tagline of J&T Express Malaysia that aims to achieve in their delivery service. By sharing a similar vision, we’re now teamed up with J&T Express to assist the online business owner with a new alternative to send the parcels without geographical limitations.


How It Works in EasyStore

  1. Pre-Installed Integration to Connect

Get rid of complex work to connect the J&T Express integration. Bring your business to EasyStore with pre-installed integration that helps you to manage orders, fulfill orders, and download airway bills. No more coding required. 

  1. Zero Charge to Install

Take the business cost of the expenses at the minimum level. Save cost with free-of-charge app integration to send your parcels from the online store. Readily integrate into your systems.

  1. Speed Up Order Fulfillment Process

Use your EasyStore admin panel to run, check, and fulfill your orders in single or bulk orders at once. Improve your working efficiency by reducing significant time in managing the orders.

  1. Minimize Delays with Printable Airway Bills

Your airway bills will be generated automatically with your fulfilled orders. Making it easy to download one or multiple airway bills with just one click. Make your order management a breeze on a daily basis. 

  1. Ship Your Parcels by Staying Home

No more queueing up in any delivery service center. With the condition of a minimum of 5 units to be delivered, you can set up your preferred pick-up location to get your parcels delivered from your doorstep. RM5 (minimum) per visit will be charged as pick-up service when the parcels’ quantity is less than 5 units on the same day at the same location. Add Location

Check out the services that EasyStore integrated with J&T Express:

  • Door-to-door service

  • Point-to-door service (self drop off the parcel at the designated point)

  • Bulk/single fulfill the order(s)

  • Bulk/single download airway bill(s)

  • No auto-shipping calculation (you will need to get the rate from J&T Express and set up the shipping rate in your admin panel) 

Special Limited Time Offer for J&T Express Malaysia and EasyStore Merchants

As long as you have an online store with EasyStore, you’re entitled to send your light-weighted parcels as low as RM5 within West Malaysia (Kelantan & Terengganu are excluded from this offer) before 15th October 2020. By following the condition that the parcel weight has less than 1kg, you’re deserved to enjoy the RM5 delivery fee by sending parcels with J&T Express Malaysia.