Facebook Dynamic Product Ads made easy with EasyStore

By Amirul Mokhtar · 26th August, 2016

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads made easy with EasyStore | EasyStore

With more and more businesses hopping on the Facebook ads bandwagon, and consumers slowly being immune to ads, you will start seeing your marketing budget going to waste. And pumping in more to your budget won’t help either. You have to start marketing smart. 

It’s all about delivering the right marketing message, to the right person, at the right time. In this post, I will share how you can do exactly that by using Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

What are dynamic product ads?

Dynamic ads is a solution to help you promote your entire product catalog on Facebook. Dynamic ads works best for Ecommerce and Retailers with looking to re-engage their shoppers and drive conversions online.

With dynamic product ads, you are able to promote any item from your product catalog dynamically, targeting the right product to the right person. Here’s an example:

Someone lands on your online store and views one of the product from your shoe collection. They end up leaving your site without making a purchase. You can have Dynamic Product Ads set up so that when he/she visits their newsfeed, they can see ads showing other shoes in the collection. This can be done dynamically so you don’t have to set every rule for every collection.

How does it work?

In previous posts, we talked about setting up Facebook pixel, retargeting with custom audiences and lookalikes. All of that comes into play when we’re doing Dynamic Product Ads. We need the pixel in place to track all the actions happening and we need to set up a product catalog in the ads manager so that Facebook knows which products to associate with that viewer’s action.

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If you are familiar with Facebook Ads, you’ve probably ran or seen multi-product ads or some people call them, carousel ads. Dynamic Product Ads works the same way. The online difference is that multi-product ads is static so you will need to create different sets of ads and different sets of rules to match. Imagine if you have lots of products.

Dynamic Product Ads makes it easier for you by not having to create different set of ads for different collections of products. It uses variables instead. Like the example earlier, if someone views 'xyz' product on your site for the past 14 days, they will see 'xyz' product ads. You only need to create one ad for that condition and Facebook will show the right product based on the viewer’s action. 

Setting up Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads only works with your own Ecommerce Website. This is because there are some coding involved and you will need to have access to the ‘back-end’ of the site. Yes, this does require some technical knowledge. If you have developers to help you, just pass to them. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have the technical knowledge or developers to help you with the set up. With EasyStore, you can do everything yourself. No coding skills required. 

1. Set up your online store with EasyStore

2. Install Facebook Pixel to your site by using the Pixel app

3. Install the Dynamic Product Ads app

4. Create your product catalog in Facebook Ads Manager

5. Sync your products to the catalog created

6. Create your ads

How to use Dynamic Product Ads for your business

You can create different ads for people depending on where they in the sales funnel.

Never heard of your business - Ok, they might not be the best people to show product ads to but it is important you build your audience pool first. Show them content or other incentives that target their interests to build brand awareness.

Viewed product but did not purchase - Now they are interested and viewed your products but not ready to make a purchase just yet. Follow up with the exact products that they viewed or related products that they might like. 

Add to cart but did not purchase - We can assume that something came up while they were checking out which made them didn’t complete the purchase. A reminder of what they have abandoned would be great way to get them to finish their checkout.

Upsell to recent customers - Brand new customers are more likely to purchase something else from you than those who have never purchased. So go ahead and upsell related products to recent customers.

Cross-sell to past customers - You know that past customers convert better than new ones, and have the potential to spend more. Encourage past customers to buy again by promoting other collections or new arrivals. 


Facebook users are getting smarter and can easily sniff out adverts. If your ads aren’t relevant to them, they will ignore and even block your ads. The only practical solution to getting your messages through, is by being more accurate with your targeting, increasing relevancy, and utilizing timing to your advantage.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads is one of the best ways to deliver those tailored messaging to people in specific stages of the sales funnel at key times to influence the actions you need to grow.