Elevenia, We're In Love!

By Thara Sofian · 30th January, 2015

Elevenia, We're In Love! | EasyStore
Last week, some of our team went to Indonesia to visit the Elevenia office in Jakarta. In case you didn't know, Elevenia is one of the largest online marketplaces in Indonesia. In fact, it became the 2nd largest marketplace in Indonesia in just within 9 months after its launch. The journey to Jakarta only took 2 hours, and the moment we touched down the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, we were asked to fill in some immigration forms. Outside, there were a line of different types of taxi companies (blue bird, silver bird, golden bird, white horse, etc) just waiting for us to make our pick. As soon as we got onto our cab, we headed to Plaza 89, where Elevenia office is. On our way there, we noticed the traffic was so insane that it took us around an hour to reach the office (even though the distance was not that far)! Traffic standstills often and everyone drove around 10km/h. Honk is also often used by motorists and the gap between vehicles is so close such that accidentally knocking down motors is very common. Phew. Once we reached the Elevenia office, we were greeted by this fluffy mascot!
Isn't he so huggable? We felt like squishing him! :P And then, we were brought for a tour around the office. We're telling you, the people and the working place there are so nice, it was love at first sight! Let us show you what we experienced. First, there's the seller office. They used colorful tables and comfy sofas to give their office a more casual feel.
And then, we were brought to the Seller Zone. We loved the Seller Zone! The environment was very cozy and it felt like home. As you can see from the photos below, they have one training room, one seminar room, a few meeting rooms, and three photo studios for customers to shoot their products!
For sellers who are not very handy with photography gadgets, there would also be professional photographers on-standby to help them shoot their products. All the sellers have to do are just arrange their products and let the pros do the snapping! There are also 4 PCs in the public area for customers to use. It's for them to transfer product photos, browse the Internet, upload their product photos to Elevenia, etc.
And this is where the staffs, the Elevenia's armies work in! While we were there, we learnt how Elevenia and its Seller Zone work - how it runs, the kind of promotions they throw, marketing techniques, the working environment, services, the people, etc). We also got a better understanding on how they run their photo studios - the routine, how they manage the studio booking schedule, equipments housekeeping, the number of studio lights they use, the camera settings and how to use certain equipments.. basically, all that are related to a photographer's job.
Pretty cool, no? They also have drink dispenser machine!
We were coming to the end of our visit to Elevenia. Needless to say, it was a really fulfilling one! We learnt so much when we were there. Not just about our country's neighbor culture, but also how everything works in Elevenia. It's important for us to learn a thing or two about Elevenia marketplace, because soon, we'll be managing the Seller Zone in NU Sentral for 11street Malaysia! Speaking of culture, that night, we had ayam penyet for dinner. It is Indonesian's signature food over there. It was really yummy and we really enjoyed our dinner there. The interesting part is, the restaurant there even served us iced coffee in wine glasses! How cool is that! Hehe. That was a first time for us!
Thanks Elevenia Jakarta for the memorable stay. Look forward for the upcoming 11street Malaysia soon!For more information : http://www.easystore.my/11street