Advanced E-Commerce Lesson 2015 by founder of PChome(Taiwan’s # 1 marketplace) Chapter 1.4

By June Sim · 9th December, 2015

Advanced E-Commerce Lesson 2015 by founder of PChome(Taiwan’s # 1 marketplace) Chapter 1.4 | EasyStore
Lesson 7
Cross-Border E-Commerce is the hottest trend in global now.
What is “Cross-border” E-Commerce? 
"Generally define as international online trade. It entails the sale or purchase of products via online shops across national borders". - ECOMMERCE WIKI
Cross-border E-commerce will affect the traditional trade. It is because the manufacturer and distributors can directly deal the business with end consumer without any middleman needed. The business model will be changing from B2B to B2C or B2B2C. 
If you are a seller, you can list your product in the global platform and provide the online shopping service at the remote end. Compare with previous time, cross-border E-commerce is reducing the barrier of international trade. 
The seller can easily sell the unique product to other countries, but the shipping fees are the main consideration of sellers.  What is the solution for this?  Please take the example as below: 
PCHome selling book in PCHOME U.S, the shipping cost of ONE book which ship from Taiwan to the US is quite expensive, PCHome come out a solution for its customer is provides free shipping to the buyer if buy 3 books and above from their website. 
This is a win-win strategy, the customer could enjoy the lowest or free shipping from PCHome, and PCHome can sell more books per transaction by subsidising the shipping fees for its U.S customer. 
How Cross- Border lower your business cost?
-    Selling your product to global with low cost & no hassle
-    No need looking for the local distributor or agency, directly deal with local buyers. 
-    Market Research 
-    The sales number of the product is the performance and also the response from the target local market, it would help decision maker to have more understanding regarding of the local market.
-    Decision Making 
-    The online operation is the first testing stage for sellers before they make further investment. Sellers take it as the reference in order to help the decision making.

Lesson 8 
A 600 million market is ready - ASEAN.
What is ASEAN 
ASEAN, the Association of South-East Asian Nations, is gaining considerable importance as a trade bloc and is now the third largest in the world after the European Union and the North American Free Trade Agreement. Comprising the Asia Tigers of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam (the ASEAN 6) with the smaller players such as Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, it has a combined GDP of US$2.31 trillion (2012) and is home to some 600 million people.
Do you know about the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement 2015 ?
The ASEAN bloc have largely cancelled all import and export duty taxes on items traded between them, with the exception of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, who continue to impose nominal duties on certain items. However, these too will be completely lifted as of December 31st, 2015, meaning that the entire region will be duty-free from this date. Find more details 
ASEAN is a new blooming market with high buying power. As  Malaysia’s sellers, you should realise this great potential market is just around us and try to aim to sell your product in ASEAN’s market by benefiting from ASEAN Free Trade Agreement 2015. On the other hand, global sellers are also aiming to grab the opportunities in ASEAN’s market as well, Malaysia should be ready to compete with global market soon.
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