Advanced E-Commerce Lesson 2015 by founder of PChome(Taiwan’s # 1 marketplace) Chapter 1.3

By June Sim · 9th December, 2015

Advanced E-Commerce Lesson 2015 by founder of PChome(Taiwan’s # 1 marketplace) Chapter 1.3 | EasyStore
Lesson 4
Get know the differences of fees charging model of platform providers

Charging on Listing Fee + Final Value Fees (Transaction Fees)
Charging on Set Up Fee + Monthly Fee


Free of charge. 
Only charges the advertising fee on customer when any promotion that help customer to increase customer ’s business performance in their platform.

If you were customer, which Fees charging model that you prefer?

Lesson 5 
6 tips to help you choose a suitable platform
Selling in provider’s platform is always the lowest cost for us to get a trial of online business. But, there are many platforms to choose from. As a seller, what are the criteria for us to choose the most suitable platform to kick start our learning process of online business? 
The criteria of choosing platforms
1.   High Traffic & Good Features. 
2.    Choose the platform which got your targeted customers there.
3.    It should be Top 2 ~ 3  best platform in the market / country
4.     Choose the platform which charge on Final Value Fee(Same as Transaction Fee) instead of charging on listing fee 
-    Reason: Only charges when the transaction happens.
5.     Choose the platform which charges on set up fee instead of  monthly fee 
-    Reason: It’s only one time set up fees.
6.     Free of any charges always is the best platform for sellers to get a try.
**What is the most challenging thing when running your online business in platform? 


The total time that you spend to get used of the platform features. - Means it is time cost
Some platform options for Malaysia to choose...
Lesson 6  
How sellers can learn-fast the platform.

✅Checklist 1.     Taking the experiment & get used to all the features that the platform provides.
✅Checklist 2.     Proactively try to join all the promotion & education activities which offered by platform’s provider
✅Checklist 3.     Raising your concern and request to platform’s provider.
✅Checklist 4.     Read the success story from platform’s sellers. Try to get know how they implement the know-how in their online business by using the same platform with you.
✅Checklist 5.     Build your learning circle, Learn & Share with other sellers.
Next: Sell your product to global (Cross Border E-Commerce) + ASEAN Market.
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