5 Inexpensive Ways to Thank Your Customers

By Melissa Poh · 30th July, 2018

5 Inexpensive Ways to Thank Your Customers | EasyStore

Saying thank you is important – it feels good, makes others feel good and is great for your business. It doesn't need to be expensive, either. To build loyalty, you know that you have to put extra effort on this.

Write a note

When was the last time you received a handwritten card? This can make your customer’s day — everyone loves receiving real mail especially it’s handwritten! Go old school and handwrite a note to thank your customers. The note should be personal and specific with the customer’s name and your name. Sometimes it doesn't necessary to be a thank you card, it could be an apology message too.


This can maximize the impact of your post-sale customer service. The extra time is definitely worth it!

Help customers learn something new

Let’s say you’re running a peanut butter jam online store. How cool it could be if you can regularly share your customers the tips for preparing meals with peanut butter. You can use blog, webinars, social media, free tips to help people make the most of your product. The more educated they become, the more they will appreciate your product, thus the more valuable your business is to your customers. Create a blog on your EasyStore.


Source: Jobbie Nut Butter

Reward Social Media-Savvy Customers

Your loyal customers could be anywhere on the social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Everyone loves surprise. Reward your socially savvy customers with exclusive promotions by sending them a personal discount code. A study indicates that 65% of shoppers that receive rewards impacts their frequency of purchase, so even a little thing you give to your customers will build a long-term relationship for your business.

Spotlight Your Customers

Feature your customers via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to let them know how much they mean to you. It should be a 140-character challenge: make it personal, be appreciative and leave them smiling. This makes customers feel valued and gives them a sense of pride in using your product/service.


Source: Canva

Reward free gifts

A study found that 88% of customers remembered the business that gave them a gift. Birthday might be a great time to give out gifts to your customers, but it’s definitely not the only time! Your customers may not expect you to remember them, but when they receive a reward on a normal day, they will be pleasantly surprised.


If you’re using EasyStore, you can reward free gifts to your customers during their purchase. They can immediately redeem the gift during their purchase instead of sending in another redemption form. If you wish to try out more of EasyStore promotion tools, get started now with a free account