5 Email Subject Line Mistakes That You Should Avoid

By Karyan Lee · 25th October, 2017

5 Email Subject Line Mistakes That You Should Avoid | EasyStore

Email subject is important because with just a few words, it helped to attract people to read your email and summarizes the whole email content. However, using the appropriate subject line is even more critical as it is the key to trigger email receiver to open your newsletter.

We have gather a few points that we should avoid while creating newsletter’s subject lines.

 1) Subject line that is too long

We understand that just a few words could not express what you want to describe, but subject line should be a summary of your newsletter content. It is best to capture your recipients’s interest to click on your newsletter with just the first few words. If you have your subject line more than 10 words, your recipients might lose their interest by just looking at the long subject line.

2) Any word misspelled 

Typo is a no-no in creating subject line because it’ll make you appear unprofessional and unorganized. It may seem like a minor mistake but it’s not, because with one typo the whole subject line will be understood as other meaning.

Imagine if your subject line is supposed to be “30% on all fur coat!” but a typo happened as “30% on all far coat”. Though it is just one letter typo but it carries a total different meaning.

3) Subject line that is irrelevant to your content

Remember not to be too carried away while creating a subject line and mislead your recipients. For an instant when your subject line stated “5 Easy To Use Logo Makers” and in the content of your email it is asking for signing up a package to access for the article. Delivering what you promised is important in maintaining your trustworthiness to your recipients and building relationship with them.

4) Including the word “Urgent” in your subject line

It’s a great idea to create a sense of urgency but having the word “urgent” on your subject line would be too try-hard to urge your receiver to open your newsletter.

On top of that, you will also lose your credibility to your recipients because by writing an “urgent” that you don’t mean it.

5) Using SPAM trigger words

Are you using spam trigger words that will cause your email being filtered in spam folder? By avoiding these words, you may increase your newsletter open rate. If you are interested to know what are those spam words, click here to find out and you would want to bookmark it.