4 Reasons Why Shopping Cart Is Important

By Thara Sofian · 26th November, 2014

4 Reasons Why Shopping Cart Is Important  | EasyStore
When it comes to online selling, what defines an ecommerce seller from the rest of the online sellers? A shopping cart. An online business without a shopping cart is just like frying an egg in a saucepan instead of a frying pan -- it gets the job done, but perhaps, not as efficient. Here's why. 1. Purchase Decisions
Many shoppers use the cart as a holding area, to collect items they're considering, but aren't yet convinced they want or need to buy. The cart often acts like a dressing room in a clothing store — a spot where users consider items and make final decisions. They can use the cart to review their selections, check details, or compare items. 2. Coupon Codes 
Having a shopping cart also allows merchants to offer selected customers to qualify for discounts. All they need to do, is insert the special coupon code to qualify for the promotion/discounts. This way, the selected customers would feel important/exclusive as only those with the coupon code would get the special price. 3. Order List 
Many times shoppers accidentally click on the wrong item when placing an order. It could be the quantity, color or size of the item. The shopping cart helps to summarize the shoppers order for final confirmation before it is submitted, in case there is any changes on the order made. 4. Remove Items 
While it may seem contrary to the goal of selling more on an e-commerce site, it is essential that a shopper can quickly and easily remove items from the cart. For shoppers using the cart as a holding area, there may be several items in the cart that will ultimately not be purchased. A noticeable, quick, and easy way to remove items works to indicate that users can easily edit the cart and also allows them to do so when needed. A clear link, such as Remove Item, works well for users.