Your Customer is Your friends

By Fadila Aziz · 24th November, 2014

Your Customer is Your friends | EasyStore
Customer is important for every business, maintain a good relationship with past and new customer is key element for success.  As business owner , its a MUST to learn a key element to make loyal customer stay, and attract new customer, few tips below might help :
Greet your customer even after sales. Looking for new customer is good, but maintains the repeat customer is a must. As consultants show that you care for them not only because you need sales. Once this bond created, they will find you to give sales.
# Reward
Reward you loyal customer, with any discount, any gift. This might be one of the reasons they stick with your company or your service, after all who does not love gift and discount right?
#Enhanced Customer Service
Customer service nowadays not involving phone or email support anymore, its start moving toward social media as medium to provide full customer service, as its free why don't company start create their own page under social media medium if it can increase customer loyalty and help build a good reputation for your company . This rule goes without saying, but as Ray Wang, a partner at Altimeter Group in San Mateo, California, put it best at CRM Evolution, 'Customers no longer care about what department you're in, they simply want their problem fixed. Based on this social media are the perfect mediums to communicate with your customer on their issue, as its convenience for them rather than being push to one department to another one just to solve their simple issue. The best customer service own by a good company
#Emphasize Human Touch
Its frustration when you know your superior not even remember you name right? Same goes here; when you talk with new person you need take a minute to learn their name. Address them properly, be friend with them. Once your customer comfortable, they will keep give business to you in return.
# Be Flexible
Be quick and flexible. Never ever be rigid when attending customer request. If you don't have any solution for it at that particular time and its new issue, be frank about it and tell customer that you will help to find the solution and will call back once you have the solution, its more than enough to make them happy.