What's New in EasyStore Latest Theme - WAVE

By Max · 14th August, 2019

What's New in EasyStore Latest Theme - WAVE | EasyStore

Guess what can’t be stopped? You are right, it’s the WAVE! 

Introducing our latest theme in EasyStore - WAVE. The new theme will come with multiple changes and enhances in layout and functionalities. Mainly focusing on the shopping experiences of your website visitors. 

Without further ado, let’s check out what are the focal points of our latest theme. 

1. Added Blogpost Section in Homepage 

You can now show your product or business articles in front of your customers! Up to 3 blog posts for maximum customer's experience in your new layout addition.

2. Main menu horizontal arrangement

The main menu will now be in a horizontal arrangement instead of vertical in this new theme. The horizontal arrangement provides a better view of the context in your top bar main menu.

3. “Sale” label moved to left

Upon collecting multiple feedbacks from you. We've decided to move the popular SALE label will be moved to the left side of your product’s image in this new theme. 

4. Align “Add-to-cart” button with product title 

We have moved the add-to-cart button from the center of the product images to the bottom. This new alignment will provide a better and proper view of your product’s images when your visitors are shopping on your website. 

5. Multiple choices in box-designed selection

In WAVE, we have touched up on the product page as well. Your customers can now select the options of your products in box-design view. 

6. Beautified Product Description Tab 

We know how one of our famous app - Product Description Tab, become the must-have for your products’ description. And for this, we have beatified the display of this app when you use it. 

7. Floating "Add to cart" button in product page

To help you capture more attention for your customers, we have improved the add to cart button on your product page to be a floating icon. 

8. New field for account registration: Birthday & Gender

Remember how collecting customers data is important to your business? To increase your CRM, we have added new fields in your customer’s account registration: Birthday & Gender. With these information, you can have a more accurate retargeting or marketing activities on your customers. 

9. Enlarge photo when hovering

Compare to the other themes, the product images will be enlarged when the mouse hover over the images. Giving better experiences in viewing the product images when browsing your website. 

Try the demo now and install this latest theme for your Ecommerce website now: WAVE

As a team that will continually aim to bring value to you - our user, we will definitely not stop here. Stay tuned for our latest updates!