Mastering Customer Experience That Converts in 2024

By Kelie Wong · 21st November, 2023

Mastering Customer Experience That Converts in 2024 | EasyStore

In the ever-evolving business landscape, embracing Unified Customer Experience (UCX) is pivotal for a company's success in 2024. 

UCX represents the latest evolution in customer interaction, a journey that began with selling across multiple sales channels, transitioned to the omnichannel approach, and has now reached its pinnacle with the UCX strategy. This evolution marks a fundamental transformation in how businesses engage with their customers.

Understanding why UCX is vital and how to master it in 2024 will be the focus of our exploration. In a competitive marketplace, staying at the forefront of this customer-centric approach is key to achieving sustained success.

Why Unified Customer Experience (UCX)?

Unified Customer Experience (UCX) is a strategic approach that focuses on providing a consistent, seamless, and personalized experience to customers across all interaction channels, be it online, in-store, through mobile apps, or social media. 

This ensures that customers receive the same messaging, branding, and quality of service regardless of the channel they choose, fostering trust and brand recognition. 

UCX also leverages data-driven insights to tailor interactions to individual preferences, placing the customer at the core of the business strategy.

  • 87% of consumers are more likely to shop with retailers that use technology to enhance the unified customer experience (UCX).

  • 34% increase in average customer spending after embracing a unified customer experience (UCX) strategy.

  • 90% higher customer retention rate for businesses adopting a unified customer experience (UCX) approach.

Over 50,000 brands use EasyStore to unify their retail and ecommerce business.

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How To Get Started With UCX?

1. Unified Brand Vision

The initial step in establishing a unified customer experience involves ensuring that your brand's identity is consistently reflected across all platforms - whether it's app, mobile or web!

Beginning with elements such as brand colors, typography, logos, and the tone of communication, which are crucial for fostering user recognition and building confidence in your company, it extends beyond these visual and verbal aspects.

Your brand's mission and overall vision should be visible at every touchpoint, whether it's a customer reaching out via Instagram DM or engaging in a live chat. 

Customers should anticipate receiving a consistent level of service and attention, creating a uniform emotional experience, and ultimately bolstering trust among customers.

Here are some examples:

  • Emajie: Emajie, the fragrance connoisseur, offers more than just perfumes. They are a confidence-boosting destination, dedicated to inspiring customers to chase their dreams. Their exquisite fragrances aren't just scents; they are a symbol of self-expression, encouraging individuals to live life with confidence and passion.

  • HisBrew Coffee: HisBrew Coffee isn't just about coffee beans; it's a local coffee roastery that provides customers with a daily dose of positivity. It's where coffee enthusiasts can discover high-quality coffee that kickstarts their day with a burst of energy and enthusiasm, setting the stage for a fantastic day ahead.
  • AKUDESIGNAKUDESIGN isn't your typical fashion brand; it's a gateway to a vibrant community of graffiti and street art enthusiasts. They offer a wide range of streetwear fashion that goes beyond mere clothing, aiming to help individuals find their unique identity and fostering a sense of belonging in this creative and artistic world.

What about yours? 

2. Unified Team Management

To ensure that your brand vision is consistently reflected at every touchpoint, effective internal communication is crucial. 

Your team, especially those who have regular interactions with customers, should be well-informed about the message you want to convey. 

By doing so, their actions, which have a substantial impact on the overall customer experience, can consistently enhance and unify your brand messaging.

Take Emajie as an example. 

With their mission of boosting customer confidence and inspiring them to pursue their dreams through fragrance, every Emajie staff member, whether they work online or in a physical store, initiates customer interactions by asking how they are feeling and what type of perfume they are seeking. 

This approach helps align their services with the brand's mission and provides a consistent and meaningful experience for customers.

3. Treat Each Customer as an Individual 

In 2024, the focus is firmly on hyper-personalization, a strategy that moves beyond categorizing customer preferences into groups such as age or gender, and instead, aims to cater to tastes and preferences at an individual level.

To achieve this level of personalization, it's imperative to collect real-time data insights on each customer's unique preferences and behaviors. Understanding what each customer likes is the key to providing them with products that align with their personal tastes.

Take HisBrew Coffee as an example: 

Certainly, coffee enthusiasts have unique and diverse taste preferences. Some may enjoy their coffee with a tangy and acidic flavor, while others may opt for a more bitter brew. Some individuals even seek a personalized touch, looking for distinct notes such as chocolate in their coffee. 

While one-on-one conversations can be valuable for obtaining this information, they are not always feasible due to the time and effort required. This is where a system like EasyStore proves invaluable; it enables businesses to track customers' purchase histories, facilitating the identification of products they've tried. 

With this data at hand, HisBrew can make personalized recommendations, resulting in a more tailored and enjoyable coffee experience for each individual customer.

4. Unified Shopping Experience 

Ensuring a consistent customer experience, whether a customer walks into your physical store without prior knowledge of your brand or engages with you online, is absolutely essential.

Omnichannel harmony is the key to guaranteeing that, regardless of where customers interact with your brand, they receive a uniform and reliable experience. This not only builds trust but also significantly enhances the likelihood of turning one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

Customer engagement is a pivotal element in customer retention. It's crucial to curate every aspect of the customer's journey, from the moment they enter the store to the final checkout, aligning it with their shopping preferences.

Take AKUDESIGN, for example. 

They are highly active in the graffiti and streetwear community. In addition to their 10 online sales channels and 2 retail stores, they are frequently on the move, participating in local festivals where they engage with both new and existing customers. 

For new customers, these events provide an opportunity for them to make their initial purchase, allowing AKUDESIGN to collect their details for retargeting, whether online or in the physical store. 

For existing customers, they have the ability to accumulate points regardless of where they make their purchases, which effectively drives customer loyalty.

5. Unified Customer Journey

The concept of prioritizing "relationships" over mere "transactions" is widely discussed in the realm of customer experience. Similarly, there's a growing emphasis on looking at the entire customer journey rather than individual interactions. However, despite these recognized goals, achieving concrete progress can be challenging.

Many customer journeys remain disjointed and ineffective, which puts unnecessary burdens on customers and prevents brands from truly understanding sentiment, anticipating intent, and customizing conversations effectively.

A key focus of this effort is adaptability. It involves equipping yourself with the necessary tools to stay in tune with evolving customer needs and continuously refine customer journeys. 

This approach leads to less frustrating, more personalized, and valuable experiences. It's not just about attracting customers; it's also about providing an exclusive and unique experience that sets you apart from the competition.

Start by:

  • Profiling ideal customers and planning their brand journey meticulously.

  • Developing a comprehensive customer journey blueprint, from awareness to loyalty.

  • Curating unique experiences to make your brand unforgettable.

  • Aligning all touchpoints to maintain a consistent brand image.

  • Continuously refining the customer journey based on customer feedback and live data insights.

How EasyStore Can Help

EasyStore is a unified commerce solution designed to unify online and retail customer experiences.

Over 10,000 Malaysian brands have grown their businesses by embracing UCX through EasyStore. 

  • Sell on your branded online store: Your online store with your own domain is optimized for search engines and easy to set up without any coding required. This makes it easier for customers to purchase products from you online and also facilitates the collection of first-party customer data.

  • Sell on social media and marketplaces Expand your reach through popular channels such as Shopee, TikTok, and Facebook Live, to secure new sales and turn them into loyal customers through unified customer experience (UCX).

  • Unlock foot traffic in your retail space: Leverage in-store vouchers, new arrivals, and other promotions to attract customers back to your physical location, boosting foot traffic and increasing upselling opportunities.

  • First-party data anytime, anywhere: Turn any device into a Point-of-Sale (POS), facilitating transactions and collecting first-party customer data, all while seamlessly merging online and offline sales reports.

  • Unified membership and rewards: With a single membership program, you can automate membership rules and give customers the flexibility to earn and use rewards in both online and offline.

  • Unified everything for retail and ecommerce in one place: A Unified Back Office streamlines administrative tasks and centralizes operational functions for greater efficiency and coordination.

Mastering Customer Experience That Converts in 2024

Unified Customer Experience (UCX) is the future of business in 2024 and beyond. By embracing UCX, you can drive customer loyalty, increase profits, lower customer acquisition costs, and future-proof your business for sustained growth. 

Start your journey to mastering UCX today with EasyStore and provide your customers with a unified and exceptional experience.

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