June 2024 Product Update

By Kelie Wong · 4th July, 2024

June 2024 Product Update | EasyStore

Revolutionizing Customer Experience 

At EasyStore, we're dedicated to empowering businesses with seamless operations, bridging online and retail operations effortlessly.

In the first half of 2024 alone, we've rolled out over 20+ new features and implemented more than 110+ enhancements - designed to unify customer experiences and elevate industry standards, to make customers love buying from you.

Now, let’s explore the latest upgrades introduced by EasyStore in June 2024!

EasyStore June 2024 Product Updates 

  1. [Report]: POS Shift Report
  2. [POS]: Identify Top Sales and Referrals
  3. [POS]: "Exchange Items" For Order Return
  4. [POS]: Walk-in Customer Data Captured
  5. [Product]: Inventory History - Extended to 1 year
  6. [App]: Product Property - Upgraded to 20 MB
  7. [Messages]Broadcast SMS with Links 
  8. [Online Store]Promote Shopping App

1. [Reports]: POS Shift Report

To monitor how your retail shifts are performing and manage cash flow effectively, you can now effortlessly export your POS shift reports in .csv or excel file. 

Simply navigate to your "Report" section, select the "Shift" option, and click "Export". Our system will handle all the data processing for you.

Once the export is complete, you'll receive an email notification, and the latest file will be ready for download and visible on the shift report page for one day.

2. [POS]: Identify Top Sales And Referrals

Now during checkout, you have the option to select either staff or referral as the attributor, offering clear insights into your sales sources.

Business owners can effortlessly track these attributions in the order admin and reporting.

Whether it's daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually, you can monitor which staff members are driving the most sales using our new Sales by Staff Attributes report.

3. [POS]: : "Exchange Items" For Order Return

Customer returned an order due to wrong colour, wrong size, or product mismatch?

We've accelerated this process with product exchange, ensuring the right product reaches the right customer promptly.

Product exchange automatically replenishes inventory for returned items and adjust inventory for the new replacement seamlessly.

Access this feature through the admin panel or POS order. Exchange history will also be visible in the order history for comprehensive tracking.

4. [POS - Web]: Walk-In Customer Data Captured

EasyStore Point of Sale empowers you to capture walk-in customers data easily. 

Simply ask for a phone number or email to start and gradually complete their profile with their name, birthday, and additional details such as height, weight, and preferred color over subsequent purchases to personalise the experience.

5. [Products]: Inventory History - Extended to 1 year

EasyStore's inventory history feature enables you to track product movements across multiple outlets and channels, whether online or offline.

Previously limited to 90 days, we've extended the history data to cover up to 1 year, empowering you to track your bestselling products annually.

To access inventory history, go to "Products", then "Inventory", and finally "Inventory History".

6. [Apps]: Product Property - Upgraded to 20 MB

Product Property is an EasyStore app that allows users to customize their products with an unlimited number of fields through an intuitive interface, requiring no coding knowledge.

With this app, users can easily add additional fields to product pages to gather extra information from buyers. For example, they can include an input field for buyers to enter their name before making a purchase. This information will then appear in order details after the purchase.

There are six types of properties available:

  • Text: Insert your card message.
  • Dropdown: Select one option from multiple choices.
  • Radio: Display all available options and allow selection of one.
  • Checkbox: Select multiple options.
  • Attachment: Upload images if needed.
  • Date and Time Slot: For scheduling pickups or appointments.

Previously, businesses were limited to 2 MB for attachment. Now, you can attach files up to 20 MB, enabling greater creativity to personalise the process.

7. [Messages]: Broadcast SMS with Links

You can now send SMS messages with links to Malaysia numbers without encountering errors, as links will be converted to the easy.co/xxxx format for seamless delivery.

8. [Online Store]: Promote Shopping App In Footer

Boost customer engagement by adding a Shopping App block to your online store's footer. 

This new feature invites customers to easily download the EasyStore Shopping App directly from your site. Upgrade your storefront today to start offering this convenient option!

Releasing Soon 🔥

Sales Attribution (2nd Phase)

The 2nd phase of sales attribution feature will enable businesses to track transactions by retail outlet, associate sales with staff or locations, and seamlessly attribute online sales to specific channels for accurate reporting. These enhancements aim to provide businesses with better insights and operational efficiency to drive growth effectively.

E-Invoice Malaysia

Starting from August 2024, Malaysia will gradually introduce e-Invoicing, beginning with companies earning over RM100 million annually. EasyStore is actively integrating and planning to ensure businesses can smoothly transition to e-Invoicing. Stay tuned for updates on how EasyStore will support this transition.

Admin Reporting

Enhancements are underway to streamline admin reporting, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

In Planning ✍🏻

Inventory Count 

EasyStore is preparing to launch an advanced inventory management tool designed to streamline inventory counting processes, ensuring precise stock management.

EasyStore POS to support for 91APP Member Points 

Planned features include enabling the identification of 91APP Members within EasyStore POS and facilitating seamless redemption of 91APP Member Points through EasyStore POS.

EasyStore Unified Commerce Solution 

EasyStore is a unified commerce solution that unifies retail and ecommerce business. 

Over 50,000 brands have grown their businesses by embracing unified customer experiences (UCX) strategy through EasyStore across multiple sales channels - online store, retail outlets, marketplaces, and social media, ensuring consistency in product and service offerings for a seamless shopping journey.

Embrace UCX and redefine your business success today

Discover how UCX can elevate your customer engagement with a truly unified journey for your customers, streamline operations, and drive growth across all channels.

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