How Much Does Shopee Malaysia Charge Sellers

By Amirul Mokhtar · 14th October, 2022

Selling your products in Shopee Malaysia is a great way to get in front of millions of ready buyers and grow your ecommerce sales. However, there are transactional charges that you need to take note of so that you can calculate your business costs accordingly.

There are no registration fee or listing fee but all Shopee marketplace sellers are charged with a transaction fee of 2.12% (after SST) of the final order amount paid by the buyer (inclusive of shipping fee). There are also other charges that may be applicable, such as marketplace commission fee and programme service fees.

Below is a list of applicable fees for Shopee Malaysia Sellers.

List of Fees for Shopee Sellers 2022

Fee typeRateRate including SSTApplicable for
Registration fee0%0%All marketplace sellers
Listing fee0%0%All marketplace sellers
Transaction fee2%2.12%All sellers
Marketplace commission fee2%2.12%All sellers with ≥ 100 completed orders
Shopee Mall commission fee4% - 6%4.24% - 6.36%Shopee Mall sellers
10% Cashback Programme3%3.18%All participating sellers (optional)
Rebate NOW Programme4%4.24%All participating sellers (optional)
RM40 Free Shipping Programme3%3.18%All participating sellers (optional)
RM15 Free Shipping Programme5%5.30%All participating sellers (optional)
RM40 Free Shipping Programme + 10% Cashback Programme6%6.36%All participating sellers (optional)
RM15 Free Shipping Programme + 10% Cashback Programme7%7.42%All participating sellers (optional)
Seller Wallet withdrawal feeRM0.11RM0.12All sellers (after 3 free manual withdrawals per week)

What is transaction fee

All local Shopee Marketplace sellers and Mall sellers are charged a small transaction fee to cover payment gateway fees by the service providers only when a successfully completed order is made.

Transaction fee is calculated as 2.12% (after SST) of the final order amount paid by buyer (inclusive of shipping fee), rounded up to 2 decimal places. Shopee will deduct the transaction fee automatically from the sellers' payout when an order is completed.

Source: Shopee Seller Education Hub

What is marketplace commission fee

Effective 19 January 2022, Shopee is charging Marketplace sellers an additional 2.12% (after SST). Marketplace sellers refer to all local sellers who are not part of Shopee Mall, selling through Shopee's Marketplace platform.

This commission fee will only apply to local Marketplace sellers with more than or equal to 100 completed orders since the date joined on Shopee.

The commission fee will be charged on your product price, after deducting all Seller Vouchers and Seller Shipping Promotions.

Do note that this is in addition to the existing transaction fee and any applicable service fees.

Marketing programme service fee

Shopee charges services fees for marketplace and Mall sellers that opt in for any marketing programmes. Buyers who purchase from participating sellers will enjoy additional benefits such as lowered minimum spend for free shipping or 10% cashback in Shopee coins.

Refer below for the breakdown of the current service fees for these programmes:

Source: Shopee Seller Education Hub

Shopee Mall commission fee

When an Official Brand or Retail Partner sells on Shopee Mall, Shopee will charge a small commission fee on the sale of products directly from the seller's payout, for each successfully completed order.

Effective 11 August 2022, Shopee Mall sellers are charged a revised fee based on their respective product categories.

Source: Shopee Seller Education Hub

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