How SMEs Can Prepare for e-Invoicing and The Era of AI: Essential Insights for Malaysian Retailers

By Frost Chen · 3rd July, 2024

How SMEs Can Prepare for e-Invoicing and The Era of AI: Essential Insights for Malaysian Retailers | EasyStore


As Malaysia gears up to implement e-invoicing, small and mid-sized retailers—both online and offline—find themselves at a critical juncture. The integration of e-invoicing into business operations highlights the fragmented nature of many current sales channels and systems. This fragmentation can lead to chaos if not addressed properly. Additionally, the advent of AI in retail further emphasizes the need for a unified system. Here’s what retailers should prepare to ensure a smooth transition.


1. Fragmented Sales Channels

Online and offline sales channels often operate in silos. This lack of integration can result in disorganized data, making it difficult to maintain a clear picture of overall sales performance. As more online marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, and Temu emerge, relying on a single sales channel becomes increasingly risky. Diversifying across multiple platforms is essential, but it also necessitates a cohesive strategy to manage these channels effectively.

2. Outdated POS Systems: A Major Roadblock

Many brick-and-mortar retailers still use outdated Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. These systems often lack the capability to consolidate customer data, manage inventory efficiently, and integrate customer benefits programs. This disjointed approach can hinder growth and make it challenging to adapt to new technologies, such as e-invoicing and AI.

3. Overwhelming Software and Talent

Small and mid-sized retailers often struggle with an overwhelming number of fragmented solutions, such as website builders, POS systems, CRM tools, and messaging platforms. This fragmentation is not just a software issue—it also impacts the ability to recruit and retain talent capable of managing multiple systems simultaneously.

Action Plan

4. Implement a Unified Solution

For retailers to leverage AI applications and meet the demands of e-invoicing, they need to unify their sales orders, inventory management, and customer data. Fragmented systems make it nearly impossible to implement advanced technologies effectively. A unified system streamlines operations, enhances data accuracy, and provides a comprehensive view of the business.

5. Prepare for the Future with a Unified Approach

To get ready for the future, retailers must focus on unifying their systems. This approach is not only about preparing for e-invoicing or AI but about creating a seamless, integrated environment that enhances overall efficiency. Unified data is particularly critical for AI applications, as AI relies on large volumes of accurate, well-organized data to provide meaningful insights and automate processes effectively. By centralizing data from various sales channels and operational systems, retailers can ensure that their AI tools have the comprehensive information needed to optimize inventory, personalize customer interactions, and predict sales trends.

6. Aim for a Unified Customer Experience (UCX)

Whether it’s e-invoicing or AI, the ultimate goal for retailers is to provide a Unified Customer Experience (UCX). A UCX improves repeat sales and maximizes the return on investment (ROI) for new customer acquisition. In an era where Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is rising, delivering a consistent and superior customer experience is more important than ever.


As Malaysia implements e-invoicing and AI technology continues to advance, small and mid-sized retailers must prioritize unification across all aspects of their business. By addressing the challenges of fragmented systems and outdated technology, and by unifying their data to prepare for AI, retailers can create a streamlined operation that not only meets current demands but also positions them for future success.


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