Facebook Marketing in EasyStore: The All-In-One Solution

By Eric Lian · 14th May, 2019

Facebook Marketing in EasyStore: The All-In-One Solution | EasyStore

So what do we know about Facebook? Social Media, a place where you can share about your lifestyle, get updates from friends and family, and get the latest news of what’s happening around the globe. 

Basically, with all that is happening in one place, it is without a doubt one of the best places to sell your products online as Facebook connects people like you and me together. Besides,  there are no operating cost or any transaction fees imposed on your business.

However, when it comes to receiving orders from Facebook, it’s a pain in the back. Why?

Imagine when there is someone who wants to buy from you, the only way they can reach you is through PM via Messenger. In order to get sales, you will have to reply to each and every customer who wants to buy from you. Sometimes, when you are not around to reply to them, they will just leave because you are perceived to have bad service. 

Imagine going through all that without the help of automation, such a big hassle will not get your business anywhere near growth. 

But, what are the alternatives?

A simple Ecommerce platform should come with the automation of self-purchase to allow customers to place orders and made payment themselves. In this way, you will be able to operate your business 24/7. Now you can sleep soundly without worrying about sales running away.  

Besides, your customers can browse through the products themselves when they landed on your website. 

Naturally, your repeat purchase will increase as your customers are able to complete the purchase process themselves. The question is, how?

Facebook Marketing in EasyStore

Facebook is one of the largest platforms that can cater to every customer wants and needs, hence connecting online stores to Facebook has been one of the ways to increase the reach to a bigger market for business owners. 

Throughout these years, syncing to Facebook have been done via apps. And now, all of the apps will be combined and integrated (except for Facebook Login). The features are as shown below:

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Facebook Login (app)

  • Facebook Comments (app)

  • Facebook Store 

  • Facebook Pixel 

  • Facebook Dynamic Adverts 

  • Facebook Promoter

  • Facebook Messenger Bot

These apps will be grouped together into a part of EasyStore’s admin panel: Marketing (Facebook Marketing). 

As this goes, all Facebook apps will be removed from the app store and will no longer be counted as apps anymore. With this, it will free up a few app slots in your admin panel and allow you to install more useful apps to your own website. 

If you are a EasyStore user that’s already connected your store to Facebook’s apps previously, there are a few changes to take note on: 

  1. You will need to reconnect Facebook Promoter. All Facebook Promoter posts will be migrated and located under Facebook Marketing > Facebook Promoter

  2. Facebook Pixel (Google Category) will be migrated and located under Facebook Marketing > Category. 

With this upgrade, you will be able to manage your website’s Facebook integration all in one place. Avoiding the hassle of going through one app at a time when you are setting up your stores with Facebook integrations.