EasyStore, NinjaVan, and Stripe Redefine Seller-Customer Dynamics for Penang Sellers with UCX

By EasyStore Press · 22nd November, 2023

EasyStore, NinjaVan, and Stripe Redefine Seller-Customer Dynamics for Penang Sellers with UCX | EasyStore


PENANG, November 23, 2023 — In the bustling heart of Penang, EasyStore, a unified commerce solution, orchestrated the #SheRunsBusiness womenpreneurs event as part of the EasyStore Commerce Tour 2023, redefining how Penang's sellers connect with their customers. 

The occasion, held at Digital Penang and graced by Ecommerce Expert Nor Affira, NinjaVan Malaysia, and Stripe, symbolized a groundbreaking moment for 30 Penang entrepreneurs eager to amplify their seller-customer dynamics through Unified Customer Experience (UCX).

Commerce Tour 2023 is an inspiring initiative driven by EasyStore, dedicated to catalyzing the empowerment of Malaysia SME community, igniting their path to sustainable business growth through insighful seminars. Building on the success of impacting over 300 SMEs in the West Coast in 2022, the 2023 edition aimed even higher - targeting 500 SMEs across Malaysia. 

The strategic choice of Digital Penang as the venue not only aligned with the city's commitment to business development, driving digital transformation, and economic progress but also showcased its significance as a hub for propelling businesses forward. The event's collaboration, in harmony with Digital Penang's vision, not only highlighted the potential for business growth but also emphasized the city's pivotal role in shaping the future of commerce in the region.

Leveraging TikTok for Business Success

The event commenced with Ecommerce Expert Nor Affira, who has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the corporate industry, 5 years in the ecommerce sector, and 3 years as an ecommerce trainer. 

Affira shared technical and firsthand insights on TikTok, delving into the Live Funnel of TikTok and highlighting six essential steps before starting a live session, which include 

  • crafting an attention-grabbing live title and cover, 
  • implementing effective promotion, 
  • creating a product list, 
  • strategically selecting and presenting products. 
  • setting up the right environment 
  • structuring a live session script for optimal results.

Participants also learned about the factors influencing Live Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), with an emphasis on the types of live sessions that attract more traffic. 

Insights were shared on how Live Traffic translates into Live GMV, covering critical factors such as Go-Live Diligence, Views Per Hour, Watch Duration, Interaction, and GPM (Traffic Conversion). 

The session also explored strategies to gain more exposure, drive higher traffic to live streams, and ultimately increase profits.

Unified Customer Experience (UCX) with EasyStore

Unified Customer Experience (UCX) is a critical strategy in today's dynamic business landscape. 

Nadia Amir, Partnership Manager at EasyStore, highlighted the shift in customer journeys, emphasizing that they are no longer linear but a randomized chain of interactions forming unique shopping experiences for each customer.

  • In 2020, the observed trend indicated the necessity for businesses to be on multiple sales channels. 

  • By 2022, the evolution towards providing an omnichannel shopping experience became paramount. 

  • Looking ahead to 2024, the prevailing trend is to elevate the customer's shopping experience across all touchpoints, both online and in-store, to enhance branding and foster loyalty – this encapsulates the essence of UCX.

UCX centers around delivering a consistent, personalized experience to customers regardless of the channel they choose. It involves perceiving the customer's journey as a unified whole and ensuring that each interaction is connected and seamless.

Statistics reveal the impact of embracing a UCX strategy: 87% of customers are more likely to shop with retailers utilizing technology to enhance customer experience, resulting in a significant 34% increase in average spending. Moreover, businesses adopting a UCX approach enjoy a remarkable 90% higher customer retention rate.

For business owners aiming to provide a unified customer experience, the key lies in unifying customer management, messages inboxes, membership systems, big and small screens, email and phone logins, first and repeat orders, and shipping and pickup processes. 

The goal is to achieve a seamless, unified customer experience across all touchpoints, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.

Over 50,000 brands use EasyStore to unify their retail and ecommerce business.

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Delivering Orders The Ways Customers Like It with NinjaVan

Norafifah from NinjaVan emphasized the critical role of delivering orders tailored to customer preferences. Operating across eight countries, NinjaVan showcased innovations like automated conveyors and bulky sorters, processing an impressive 450,000 parcels daily.

In a significant move, NinjaVan announced a free Ninja Pro Account for EasyStore merchants, offering perks like a dedicated account manager and seamless eCommerce integration. The session stressed the importance of aligning delivery methods with customer preferences, citing trends like BOPIS and Buy In Store, Ship to Doorstep.

NinjaVan stands out by empowering businesses to flexibly cater to customer preferences, fostering enhanced satisfaction and loyalty in the dynamic ecommerce landscape.

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Optimizing Checkout Experience To Drive More Sales with Stripe

Pei Yu Tan, Partnership Development Manager at Stripe, underscored the crucial role of optimizing the checkout experience, citing alarming statistics:

  • 49% of customers abandon a purchase within three minutes, 
  • 84% will abandon their cart if their preferred payment method is unavailable. 

In response to this challenge, EasyStore and Stripe joined forces to create a seamless payment experience through the Stripe Optimized Checkout Suite.

This suite introduces features designed to streamline the checkout process, including 

  • embedded express checkout buttons, 
  • autofill for billing and shipping addresses, 
  • dynamically surfaced relevant payment methods, 
  • real-time card validation, 
  • and an option to save payment details.

Businesses using the Optimised Checkout Suite experienced a 10.5% increase in revenue on average. This success translated into higher conversion rates, an expanded customer base, and accelerated launch times.

EasyStore and Stripe partnership exemplifies the impact of prioritizing a frictionless checkout experience in enhancing overall customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

A Power-Packed Session For Penang Businesses To Thrive in 2024

As we navigate the dynamic eCommerce landscape, the collaboration between EasyStore, NinjaVan, and Stripe positions Penang businesses to thrive in 2024. By embracing customer-centric strategies, unified experiences, and streamlined operations, local sellers are well-equipped to meet and exceed evolving consumer expectations.

A sincere thank you to our co-sponsors, NinjaVan Malaysia and Stripe, and to Digital Penang for providing an excellent venue. 

Together, we pave the way for not only Penang businesses but for Malaysian MSEs to adapt and flourish in the exciting journey that lies ahead!

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