EasyStore New Ecommerce Theme - MAKER

By Max · 20th April, 2019

EasyStore New Ecommerce Theme - MAKER | EasyStore

The first quarter of 2019 has passed, despite the Q1 2019 product updates we shared here, we have also been working on our new theme. And today, it has officially launched on EasyStore! Let's go through what we have in this new theme for you.

1. Back To Top Button

Your visitors can back to the top from the bottom of your page with just a click. No more scrolling!

2. Add-to-cart Button 

This function specifically targets customers who wish to speed up the shopping process. Customers can immediately add an item to the cart without having to click into the product page. 

3. Preview Second Product Image

Instead of only showing one product image, the new theme will display the second product image when your visitors mouse over to the product.

4. Shortcut To Shopping Cart Summary

Without having to wait for the page to load, customers can preview their shopping cart item on the right. 

5. Stick-on-top Menu Bar 

To ensure your visitors can easily access to other pages via your menu, you can choose to fix the placement of the main menu on top while visitors scrolling the page. 

6. Display 2-5 Featured Products in a Row

This new feature will be useful to the business that wishes to show a bigger product image and has fewer products. Your can choose to display your product images in a bigger size but remaining the photo resolution. 

7. 3 Columns Footer

The default footer of this new theme consists of 3 columns where you can display your brand logo, copyright, quick links, and social media icons. 

8. Display Testimonial From Customers

Additional section for you to display sentences and image. Not only you can use it for testimonial, but you can also utilize this section for other purposes such as "About us", "Our story", etc. 

9. Showcase Partner Logos

The easiest way to showcase your partners' logo on your website. You can upload up to 8 images with hyperlink attached.  

10. Customizable Cart Page 

In this new theme, you can choose a different background colour, text colour, button colour for your Ecommerce website cart summary. 

11. Auto-crop Function For Product Images

No worries if your product images are all in a different size, the new theme will help to auto-crop the images into the ratio you prefer (1:1, 4:3, 3:2) at the same time remaining your image resolution.

Wait no more, explore this new theme now and install it to your Ecommerce website!

View demo: Demo store link 

Install now: Installation link