Debunk Facebook Ads Misconceptions: Facebook Ads For Beginner

By Eric Lian · 6th August, 2021

Debunk Facebook Ads Misconceptions: Facebook Ads For Beginner | EasyStore

There used to be a saying amongst the marketers about Facebook. It goes...” If Facebook is a country, it is going to be the second-largest country in the world”. This is how big of a pool Facebook has in terms of users. 

And this is undeniably one of the best platforms for entrepreneurs and marketers to perform marketing strategies! Or is it?  

In this blog, we will look at some of the misconceptions on Facebook ads in 2021. If you are about to start Facebook Ads for your business, you have come to the right place. 

Misconception 1:  Facebook ads is a marketing strategy

Debunked: Facebook ads is a marketing TOOL

It’s common that with all the possibilities Facebook ads can bring to your business, you would rely entirely on the platform to do the job. And most of the time businesses are looking at Facebook ads as their whole marketing strategy. 

Facebook ads are merely just a tool for you to execute your marketing strategy. Just like any other marketing tools, their job is to carry out your marketing strategy in the simplest and most effective ways possible with their algorithm so that you don’t have to do all the hard work yourselves.


A strategy is the success of the whole marketing campaign that you are running. It would require more than just Facebook ads to achieve your objectives. Once you have debunked over this misconception, it will be pretty straightforward for you to start your Facebook Ads.

Misconceptions 2: Facebook Ads is costly

Debunked: You are in control of your budget

You probably hear this a lot. Facebook ads are very costly for beginners. The misconception around this is that whenever a business or marketer first starts Facebook Ads, it takes time and research to get the results that you want. And the process of starting will require a lot of testing, which leads to spending too much on ads. 

As a matter of fact, YOU are in control of your own budget. Yes, it will take some time for you to really get a hold of the whole targeting thing from scratch. But, you have control over the budget you want to spend while doing so. 

However, when you want to look into the budget of your ads campaign, it becomes apparent that you will associate higher budgets with higher sales/purchases on your business. And that leads us to the next point.  

Misconceptions 3: “I spend more on ads, I got more sales” 

Debunked: Ads doesn't promise sale 

We must first understand that Facebook ads are not an instant purchase flow. It does not guarantee a purchase right off the ad. Not everyone is ready to purchase what you have. You have to first understand the behavior.  

Put yourself in your audience's perspective, you see the ads for the first time, you do not purchase off the bat. Instead, you will check out their website, social media, articles, and etc, to know more about the brand or the products they offer. 

So instead of focusing on the sales return. Or Return On Ads Spent (ROAS), you should really look into the objectives and goals of your campaign. Are you looking to get more awareness? Or you simply want to get leads for your business?

Budget aside, Facebook ads are not about hard-selling your products, it’s how you are able to bring about the value of your products. 

Misconception 4: Target more lookalike audience

Debunked: Targeted niche audience is key

What is a “Lookalike Audience”? In simple terms, it is a way to reach another group of audience that shares the similar interests of your targeted audience. 

The common misconception on this is that it means you have more potential customers, and therefore you should put more budget into the lookalike audience. Because this is a higher chance of the “right” audience converting them into your customers. 

Debunking from this misconception, targeting more lookalike audience does not bring more leads or conversions. In fact, it might prove ineffective on your Facebook ads as the audience set does not resonate with your ads.  

The key here is the targeting of the correct audience. They might have the same interest, but that doesn’t mean they are your audience. You can’t sell pet products to people who do not own a pet. 

A good practice is to set around 1%-3% of your lookalike audience. The key here is that you target the niche and don’t make it too broad.

Misconception 5: Latest IOS 14.5 Update harms my ads performance

Debunked: It only affects your reports, tracking, optimization, not performance

Since the release of iOS 14.5 for all Apple products. It has been a headache for marketers and business owners to manage their ads. The release of Ads Tracking Transparency (ATT) requires applications to ask permission if they want to track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites. 

Due to this, many marketers and businesses have been calling this ATT as an “ad blocker” because they have seen a significant decrease in ads performance. 

Now, ATT is NOT an “ad blocker”, essentially it affects your ads reports, tracking. And therefore it became difficult for advertisers to optimize the ads. The good news is, there are actually alternatives. 

For example, EasyStore has the ability to consolidate your sales from all of your sales channels. You can take the report as a reference and gauge on the performance of your ads spent for your business.

In a summary

If you are starting your business online, Facebook ad is one of the must-take ways to expand your business reach. I hope that this blog will somehow give you some brief overview of what Facebook ads are. If you wish watch more discussion on marketing, business, or ecommece topics. Make sure to join our community group right here.