EasyStore empowers national skincare and beauty brands through 'Let Business Help Business'

By Cavan Koh · 29th June, 2024

EasyStore empowers national skincare and beauty brands through 'Let Business Help Business' | EasyStore


KUALA LUMPUR, June 27, 2024 — EasyStore, the leading unified commerce solution in Malaysia, continues its journey to empower Malaysian Businesses through Commerce Tour 2024.

The tour advanced successfully with a stop in Shah Alam, uniting C-level executives, founders, and business owners for a valuable exchange of ideas and strategies.

EasyStore extends its deepest appreciation to The Pastels Shop, Kamelia Cosmestics, Senangpay, SIDEC and TheMomTribe for their invaluable support, which was instrumental in making the Shah Alam Commerce Tour 2024 a resounding success.

Commerce Tour 2024

EasyStore's Commerce Tour 2024 is an inspiring initiative aimed at empowering the Malaysian SME and brand community through insightful seminars, guiding them on the path to sustainable business growth.

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Since its inception in 2022, the tour has provided a safe space for SMEs to navigate the post-pandemic landscape. In its inaugural year, EasyStore engaged with 300 SMEs, facilitating their smooth transition into the new business environment.

Building on this success, the tour expanded its reach in 2023 to key Malaysian business hubs such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, Johor, Malacca, and Terengganu, supporting over 500 businesses in achieving stable growth through digitalization efforts.

This year, Commerce Tour 2024 takes a new approach by inviting C-level speakers from successful Malaysian businesses to share their strategic insights.

This shift aims to provide participants with faster answers, efficient issue diagnosis, and pave the way for sustainable growth.

Featuring Malaysian Top Skincare and Makeup Brands

The skincare and make up industry in Malaysia have experienced remarkable growth that driven consumer's awareness and growing preference for local born and bred high-quality beauty products.

We are pleased to have the founders of The Pastels Shop and Kamelia Cosmetics with us to share their inspiring journeys and insights into the industry.

From chemical expert to skincare brand owner

The Pastels Shop, a Malaysian skincare brand, champions innovation and science in beauty, aiming to educate customers about skincare chemistry for informed choices.

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Founder Sarini Zainal Reflects on The Pastels Shop's Successful Business Journey:

  • Staying close to customers: Businesses should cultivate strong customer relationships by engaging through social media outreach, producing informative skincare content, and actively participating in community events.
  • Scaling up the business: While initially established in retail outlets, The Pastels Shop also engages part-time streamers to maintain an active online presence. Their digital transformation strategy focuses on efficiently managing daily tasks, with EasyStore being a recommended solution for this purpose.
  • Utilize a unified commerce platform: A complete unified commerce platform that handles data collection, inventory management, customer management, payment gateways, and logistics integration—both domestically and internationally—is crucial for scaling your business.

From law student to beauty brand founder

Kamelia Cosmetic is a leading beauty brand, aims to innovate skincare with products that enhance natural beauty and promote skin health.

Also a favourite skincare brand among Gen Z, is easily accessible online through platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Additionally, the brand collaborates with resellers to enhance its market reach and accessibility.

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Founder Kamelia Nisha shares essential approaches for success:

  • Stay top of mind for customer acquisition: As a local brand in an industry dominated by international brand, ensuring to engage in local events, ensuring exceptional customer experiences, collaborating with local partners, and highlighting product quality are essential for standing out among international competitors.
  • Prepare for every stage of customer journey: In order to establish a strong market presence in a competitive industry, aiming to create awareness, ease of purchase, encourage repeat purchase, foster loyal customer is a crucial stage.
  • Scale business while maintaining customer experience: As business are expanding, maintaining customer experience is paramount. Streamlining operations, fostering continuous innovation, and ensuring compliance are integral strategies.

Working with industry experts to equip SMEs

Seamless Transactions with SenangPay

Senangpay offers an all-in-one payment solution for both online and offline transactions, it perfectly aligned with current e-commerce trends for a seamless shopping experience.

They prioritize convenience in every transaction by accepting popular payment methods with lightning-fast transaction speeds.

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SenangPay payment gateway benefits:

  • Automate Transaction Management: SenangPay demonstrates strong scalability, adeptly managing growing transaction volumes and evolving business needs. Our payment services operate round-the-clock to ensure an enhanced customer experience, automating transaction management effectively.
  • Advanced Security: SenangPay ensures a secure transaction experience, safeguarding users from scams, counterfeit receipts, and fraudulent activities to protect businesses and brands effectively.
  • Multiple Payment Option: SenangPay offers a versatile array of cutting-edge payment options, designed to cater to diverse business needs and customer preferences with advanced technological solutions.

Scaling Digital Economy Growth with SIDEC

SIDEC is the Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council, they are a key driver of Selangor's digital economy. 


SIDEC empowers businesses through innovative programs including Malaysia Top EC Merchant Award, Selangor 1000 Digital and Selangor Ecommerce Xcelerator (ECX), and robust support services, accelerating digital transformation and enhancing competitiveness globally. The Pastels Shop was one of the winners at ECX 2023.

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Womenpreneur Networking By The Mom Tribe

Special thanks to The Mom Tribe for facilitating this networking session so that participant got the chance to pitch their business and transparently share their growth and challenges.


Retail Summit Asia 2024

Let Business Help Business will continue to tour around Malaysian business districts, mission to empower businesses, ultimately leading up to Retail Summit Asia 2024.

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Retail Summit Asia 2024 aims to gather the industry's brightest minds and most innovative thinkers to explore the cutting-edge trends, strategies, and technologies that reshape the retail landscape.

From enhancing customer experiences to leveraging the power of social marketing, this summit is a hub of inspiration, collaboration, and actionable insights.

Click here to get firsthand insights on this groundbreaking summit.

RM 3000 Business Grant for SMEs

EasyStore Business Grant_Email.png

EasyStore is thrilled to offer a grant of up to RM 3000 to support your business growth.

If awarded this grant, you can utilize it towards your EasyStore plan subscription, specifically for upgrading your plan. This grant provides up to RM 3000 per business, empowering you to enhance your business capabilities.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Registration Requirements: Your business must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), Local Authorities (PBT), or Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission (SKM).
  • Operating Duration: Your business should have been operating for at least six months.
  • Annual Turnover: Your business must have an annual turnover averaging at least RM50,000.

How to apply?

  1. Fill up this form.
  2. If your application is approved, our team will contact you within 3 working days.
  3. Use the grant within 7 days of approval.

EasyStore Unified Commerce Solution

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EasyStore is a unified commerce solution that unifies retail and ecommerce business.

Over 50,000 brands have grown their businesses by embracing unified customer experiences (UCX) strategy through EasyStore across multiple sales channels - online store, retail outlets, marketplaces, and social media, ensuring consistency in product and service offerings for a seamless shopping journey.