EasyStore kickstarts Commerce Tour 2024 with mission to Let Business Help Business

By EasyStore Press · 26th May, 2024

EasyStore kickstarts Commerce Tour 2024 with mission to Let Business Help Business | EasyStore


KUALA LUMPUR, May 27, 2024 — EasyStore, the leading unified commerce solution in Malaysia, has officially inaugurated its highly anticipated Commerce Tour 2024. 

The tour debuted with its first stop in Cyberjaya, uniting C-level executives, founders, and business owners in an insightful exchange of ideas and strategies.

EasyStore extends its heartfelt gratitude to Payex, Sultera, and SugarBomb for their invaluable support in making the first stop of the Commerce Tour 2024 a resounding success.

Commerce Tour 2024 

EasyStore's Commerce Tour 2024 is an inspiring initiative aimed at empowering the Malaysian SME and brand community through insightful seminars, guiding them on the path to sustainable business growth.

Since its inception in 2022, the tour has provided a safe space for SMEs to navigate the post-pandemic landscape. In its inaugural year, EasyStore engaged with 300 SMEs, facilitating their smooth transition into the new business environment. 

Building on this success, the tour expanded its reach in 2023 to key Malaysian business hubs such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, Johor, Malacca, and Terengganu, supporting over 500 businesses in achieving stable growth through digitalization efforts.

This year, Commerce Tour 2024 takes a new approach by inviting C-level speakers from successful Malaysian businesses to share their strategic insights. 

This shift aims to provide participants with faster answers, efficient issue diagnosis, and pave the way for sustainable growth.

From Unknown To Well Known 

The journey from being unknown to well-known, and even reaching the status of a multi-million-dollar brand, is influenced by several key factors. In this session, EasyStore has invited Malaysian-loved brands Sultera and SugarBomb, revealed the strategies that drive their ongoing success.

From home business to 3 million sales

Sultera is the premier destination for home products, empowering everyone to recreate the luxurious ambiance of a 5-star hotel within their own homes. 

Founder Ashraf Aziz shares key strategies for success:

  • Stay eager for sales when you start out: At the beginning of your business journey, maintain a strong drive for sales to expand your brand and attract more customers. As your customer base grows, you’ll gather valuable data on their preferences, which is crucial for meeting their needs.

  • Continuously enhance your services and products: Sultera has a dedicated chat group for receiving customer feedback, allowing them to stay updated, improve customer service, and gather insights before launching new collections. This approach has led to sold-out success with every launch.

  • Invest in systems and software for efficient business operations: As your business grows, it's essential to invest in advanced software systems to manage orders, customers, inventory, and sales forecasts. This investment is vital for sustainable growth. EasyStore is recommended for this purpose!

From sealed perfumes to millions of sales

SugarBomb, founded in 2015, aims to be a brand that produces internationally recognized products in the fragrance industry that Malaysians can take pride in.

 General Manager Kanumbu Agussalim discusses their approach to customer engagement:

  • The importance of understanding your customers: A business must ensure its products, pricing, and marketing strategies target the right customer profile. With Sugarbomb offering multiple brands and products, segmenting the audience and reaching the appropriate segment through the right channels is crucial.

  • Maintain an offline connection with your customers: While online sales are important, having a physical brand presence is vital for brand visibility and allows customers to experience your products firsthand.

  • Reward loyal customers: Encourage repeat business by rewarding loyal customers with points or vouchers. This strategy is key to increasing customer lifetime value.

Despite operating in diverse industries and catering to different customer bases, they share a common approach - both utilize EasyStore to provide a seamless customer experience to their devoted shoppers.

Interested to discovering the tools employed by Sultera and SugarBomb to expand their businesses? Reach out to our experts today! 

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Sell More With Payex

Payex is the all-in-one payment gateway that drives sales, recognized as one of Malaysia's fastest-growing payment providers in the retail industry. 

In the ASEAN region, Payex offer the most extensive range of payment methods, contributing to an annualized total payment volume (TPV) of RM150 billion. 

EasyStore merchants that choose Payex enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Seamless Payment Integration: Seamlessly integrate Payex into their online stores, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free checkout experience for their customers.

  • Comprehensive Business Insights: Payex provides merchants with valuable insights into their sales and payment data, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize their business strategies.

  • Affordable and Competitive Pricing: Payex offers competitive pricing plans that are tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality or service.

EasyStore and Payex are collaborating to introduce a special package tailored specifically for retailers. This collaboration aims to provide retailers with enhanced solutions and benefits to optimize their payment processes and drive sales. 

Stay tuned for more updates and details on this exciting partnership!

Unified Commerce Solution 

EasyStore is a unified commerce solution that unifies retail and ecommerce business. 

Over 50,000 brands have grown their businesses by embracing unified customer experiences (UCX) strategy through EasyStore across multiple sales channels - online store, retail outlets, marketplaces, and social media, ensuring consistency in product and service offerings for a seamless shopping journey.

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As Commerce Tour 2024 continues its journey, EasyStore remains dedicated to fostering collaboration, sharing expertise, and facilitating growth opportunities for entrepreneurs across Malaysia.

If you missed out on our last session, join us for the upcoming tour happening in June at Shah Alam featuring The Pastels Shop!