5 must-do for new sellers to drive traffic to their newly launched online store.

By June Sim · 29th March, 2016

5 must-do for new sellers to drive traffic to their newly launched online store. | EasyStore

After you launch your online store, the hardest problem is always about how to drive traffic to your online store. Before we start to talk about it, I want to congratulate you on setting up and successfully launching your online store, your first milestone has been achieved! Now, what should you do to promote your online store at this early stage?
There are numerous methods of driving traffic to your online store shared by other blogs or guides. You will struggle with most of it and will most likely be confused. You should follow and do these first before becoming experts of driving traffic.

1. Set up a Facebook page for your business and sync your online store to Facebook.

Almost everyone has a personal Facebook account. Yeap, you can use your personal Facebook account to promote your products but if you overdo the self-promotions post on your own personal Facebook account, it may annoy your friends. This is why you must set up a separate Facebook page for your business.  After setting up your business page, you can start getting people to "Like" your page so that they are able to see your posts on your business page.

How to create a Facebook business fan page?
Just log in to your Facebook personal account, click the setting button and select the create a page. You will see the options as below : 

2. Invite friends and family to share

Don't just ask your friends and family to buy your products. They either will ask for discounts or they just won’t buy from you. You should invite them and ask them to share your business on their social platform or offline channel. Making them become your ambassador of business! Friends and family will be the first to support your business at this early stage. It would be even better if you can provide them with something in return. Example: Free product sample for friends and family if they help you to promote.

3. Make it easier to be accessed from mobile devices

Sure, it won’t help you bring traffic directly, but a mobile-friendly website is a minimum requirement nowadays. You may have heard about how mobile traffic has passed desktop traffic. Most people will immediately close your website when they see that your site is not mobile-friendly. With EasyStore, you can easily make your online store mobile friendly in just a few clicks. (Check out here)

How much does it cost for new sellers to get a mobile-friendly Ecommerce store?
Answer: For the EasyStore Basic Plan, you can get a fully functional online store that is mobile ready for just RM39, check out more details here.

4. Build your own email and WhatsApp contact list.

You may have just started your business but you shouldn’t miss out on the potential of your current contact list in your hand. It really is worth to keep. Compile your current contact list and import it into the easy-to-use email marketing tool called MailChimp. You can send out email updates to the whole list about your online store or create a promotion campaign to attract them to buy from your online store. This will help you reach out to some people around you. Secondly, take advantage of the most popular messaging app in Malaysia. Get people to share your products to all of their friends in their contacts. They can do that with just one click when you use EasyStore.
example as a picture : 

5. Reach out to bloggers and social influencers.

Bloggers or influencers usually have a large number of followers. Look for those that have followers who are your target market. Send them your product so they could try it out themselves and review it or pay them to promote your product to their followers. Some of the ways that they will promote are through their blogs, social media profile, or maybe even a video review on Youtube. This is an effective way to reach out to your target audience and get them to know about your online store. You can also provide promo codes to those social influencers so that they can give them away to their followers, thus bringing them to your online store.

Follow these 5 must-do tips in the beginning when you have just launched your online store to get the momentum of selling online. Remember, there is still a long way to go. But don’t give up when you struggle to bring in traffic. Selling online is hard work and will take time. You just have to fight through and keep learning as much as you can.