Why your online store need its own domain name

By Amirul Mokhtar · 26th July, 2016

Why your online store need its own domain name | EasyStore

One of the most important aspects of your online store is your own domain name. For those of you that don’t know what a domain name is, it is an online address that you type in the address bar of your internet browser. Ex: www.google.com, www.easystore.co, facebook.com, alibaba.com and more.

But, aren’t those websites? Yes, they are websites and to get to those websites, you need to type in the address (which is the domain name) of the particular website that you want to go to.

Why does your business need its own domain name?

The answer is simple. Branding. In other words, you want to be remembered by people. Nowadays, your domain name is considered to be a part of your brand. It is what your customers remember you by. Their friends will ask them, where they bought those shoes and they will answer “I bought it online at yourbrand.com” It is important that it is your own custom domain. You don’t want to be promoting your business with an URL like these: abcstore.blogspot.com, abcstore.easy.co or even emarketplace.com/abcstore123. Don’t you think abcstore.com is much better? Having a custom domain name for your online store will boost your business because: 1. It makes your business look more professional - Professional doesn’t just mean it looks nice but you will also seem more credible, reputable, and trusted. Here is a good example: tufahexclusive.com (A stunning muslimah-wear online shop built using EasyStore) 2. It helps get customers back to your store - The easier it is for customers to remember the address of your store, the more likely for them to visit again and make another purchase. 3. It’s good for SEO - Search engines tend to prefer custom domains rather than subdomains so you get more ranking points if you have a custom domain. It’s also easier for other sites to link to yours. 4. You can use a custom email address - This is similar to point #1. If you have a custom domain, you can also create email accounts using that domain. For example, info@xyzstore.com or order@xyzstore.com. Again, this makes you and your business more reputable.

How to get a custom domain

You can register a custom domain for your online store from any domain registrars such as Exabytes, Namecheap, GoDaddy, and many more. After you have purchased a domain name, you will then need to change few settings like IP address or name servers so the domain name can be used for your online store. Another easier alternative is to register a domain name straight from the domain settings of your EasyStore admin panel. Just choose an available domain you like and it will automatically link to your online store. No difficult and technical setup to go through. You can also use an existing domain that you own. For more information, check out this guide on how to set a custom domain for your online store.