What is toyyibPay and How It Can Benefits SMEs

By Amirul Mokhtar · 15th March, 2022

What is toyyibPay and How It Can Benefits SMEs | EasyStore

With the increasing number of e-commerce transactions from year to year, a more secure and convenient payment method is needed for both seller and buyer.

This is where the use of payment gateway like toyyibPay comes in handy.

Without using a payment gateway, sellers will share their bank account details to the customer and the customer would transfer the amount for the item they bought.

Then the seller would have to check their account to see if the transfer was successful.

This process takes a lot of time and it is more prone to fraud and mistakes.

What is toyyibPay and how it helps sellers

toyyibPay is a payment gateway solution that allows businesses to accept online payment.

With toyyibPay, customers can purchase your products and make payment via any local online banking through FPX.

You don’t need to go through the hassle of checking your account to verify the transaction as toyyibPay will do that for you via special encryption and verification technology.

Why choose toyyibPay?

There are lots of other payment gateway options available in Malaysia but where toyyibPay stands out from the rest are in these areas:

Easy and fast setup

Registration is quite fast as you just need to register an account and you can start accepting payments. Then you’ll just need to submit documents like business registration and bank account details for the settlement.

Low transaction rate

toyyibPay only charges RM1 for every transaction regardless of the transaction amount and there are no setup fees or any other hidden fees.

Fast settlement

Payments will go through toyyibPay first but the settlement is next business day. Which means any payments successfully gone through today, you will receive those payments next business day.

How to start using toyyibPay for your business

To use any kind of payment gateway, you will need to have an online store, an online catalog of your products where customers can add products to a virtual cart and checkout.

You can easily build an online store with EasyStore.

  • Customizable templates with drag and drop design
  • Capture orders 24/7
  • Built-in order & inventory management
  • SEO and blogging features
  • and more

Automate your sales with toyyibPay x EasyStore integration

Your customers can easily browse through your products, checkout and make payment via online banking with toyyibPay.

Customer order information is automatically recorded in your order management and when payment is successful, it will automatically be mark as paid.

All you need to do is process the order and ship it out to the customer.

How to add toyyibPay to your online store

Easily set up a toyyibPay account in EasyStore. Here's how: 

Log in to your EasyStore admin panel and find toyyibPay in payment settings.

Next, register toyyibPay's account in the admin panel > Secret key, and API key will be automatically filled in once registered.

Now you can enjoy the lowest transaction charge from toyyibPay!

  • This promo ends 31 Dec 2022, so sign up now!
  • This promo is only applicable to EasyStore merchants that sign up to ToyyibPay via EasyStore admin panel only.

Click here to learn more on how to connect toyyibPay with EasyStore