Top 5 free basic apps you need to install in your online store - Part 1

By June Sim · 27th June, 2016

Top 5 free basic apps you need to install in your online store - Part 1 | EasyStore

Are you setting up your online store now? Here is the list of apps that I have installed from EasyStore's App store. I’m sharing this with you if you have no idea which app you should install first.

App #1 : Facebook Login - Easy to log in

"Facebook Login gives your customers a fast and easy way to sign in to your online store. Your customers can skip entering in long registration forms on mobile and the need to remember yet another username and password by logging in through Facebook with a few simple taps. People use Facebook Login more than 850 million times a month." Sourced by here

Now, you find the reason why you should install it. :)  Install Facebook Login to your store

Customer can directly log to your online store by using their Facebook Account

App #2 : Facebook Store - Connect Facebook with your store!

Facebook is a big pool for sellers to engage with potential customers. Most of the sellers will upload all the products photo and information to facebook and promote over there. However, the problem may have the tedious work out of there. Is there a better way to let sellers connect their online store with facebook, and no coding skills required? The answer is absolute yes. By installing Facebook Store app to your store , you have connected your store with Facebook. Which means any changes or updates from your store’s products will automatically reflect your facebook store. The benefit is that you just have to update your product once! (A Facebook fanpage is required for you to start using this app)

Buyers from Facebook can view your store products at Facebook directly. Your store and Facebook are being connected.

App #3 : Modern - Chat with website visitors using Facebook Messenger

Modern app enables you to chat, acquire, engage, promote and support customers on your website via Facebook Messenger. It will help you to convert your website visitors to sales before they leave your store. As we know, Facebook Messenger is a common communication tool for everyone now, so provide your unique customer support service by using modern app. Install Modern and start chat with visitors via Facebook Messager.


Your store visitors are chatting with you via the Facebook Messager as picture shown. (Right side corner)

App #4 : Mailchimp - Send newsletter / promotion to your existing customer list.

Mailchimp is to help you send the latest update and promotion newsletter to your subscribers. Once you install the app, your website visitor can subscribe to your customer list and you can start to do email marketing campaign for returning business opportunities. Install the Mailchimp app now

App #5 : Mobile Messaging sharing  - Reach potential customers via mobile marketing.

This app enables your website visitors to easily share your products with their social network. This is a good way to reach your potential customer by sharing from existing customers. Install now

Your store visitors can share the products details by clicking the Whatsapp/LINE  button at left side as picture shown.