Time to make changes for 14/2!

By Ming Zhen · 5th February, 2018

Time to make changes for 14/2! | EasyStore
Have you prepared for the first major sales date of the year? Yup, it’s Valentine’s day. A special occasion to express love and affection for your loved ones. Even if you don’t sell traditional Valentine’s Day products, grab the opportunity to reach out to leads and past customers. Take advantage of the shopping trends by offering unique promotions and fun Valentine’s day marketing campaigns that appeal to audience.

Offer your visitors a gift – deal or discount

A gift can come in many forms, free shipping or discount coupon code is a good deal for online shoppers. For Valentine’s Day, consider sending a 2-for-1 deal, for example, offer two boutiques for the price of one, or two desserts for the price of one. A promotional email and nice visual was considering as a key issue for e-commerce marketing. Click on Free Chinese New Year Newsletter Templates to get more ideas for newsletter decoration!

Create Valentines-themed products

Give customers what they want-- lovey-dovey items might be the hot selling items in the first of the year. Don’t worry if your products are not Valentines-themed products (like boutiques, chocolate), you can get creative to fit the trends. 
  • Covered product with Valentine’s vibe
  • Create Valentine’s design 
Valentine’s Day is no longer just for romance. Consumers will spend money on family members, children, co-workers, pets, and even themselves. So, there are more themes that you could work on.
  • Family love
  • Earth-loving
  • Pet-loving

Add Valentine’s Day flair to your branding

Add on or do a small change, let your customers know that you are not robots,  there is something new, live humans behind your brand. Update all branding with a bit of festive flair, like logos, profile picture, header, to reflect any promotional offers you have running for the duration of the season. Netflix has turned their logo into a new look during Valentine's day!

Provide gift Ideas

Most shoppers looking for Valentine’s Day advice for a gift. Here’s an opportunity to push sales by focuses on seasonal marketing for Valentine’s day. What is cuter than a couple sets?  Combined 2 products in a promotion sets, attract potential customers and increase inventory turnover at the same time.

Social media outreach

Nowadays, email marketing is the top referrer on the internet, in these few years, social media is rising up and becoming stronger and stronger. We all know expressing your love to someone you love is the core value of Valentine’s Day. Why not take advantage and set up a social promotion that encourages people to share the love of the loved one? For example, run a contest have your followers mention a friend who they would love to give the gift of your product. The selected contester and their mentioned friend will be rewards with a special gift from your store. The benefit? Not only boosting your engagement, tell people about your products, but actively getting more people to be aware of your brand since people are impressed with Free gifts. 
 Good luck with your business!