Smooth Checkout Experience That Converts

By Karyan Lee · 31st May, 2018

Smooth Checkout Experience That Converts | EasyStore

No fuss, simply fast

Your customers checkout experience does not have to be time-consuming. EasyStore provides 4 user-friendly checkout options that bring your customers from checkout to purchase as fast as possible; generating higher sales conversion on your ecommerce website.

Pay in seconds with seamless payment  

Seamless payment allows your existing customers to pay within seconds. No re-entering visa or master card information required during checkout. It helps to increase the transaction rate because customers will no longer need to make a purchase only when they have their credit card with them. Not only that, it also increases trust when your customer shop on your store. This is because they no longer need to be redirected from your domain to a 3rd party domain that could be unsecured to pay. Instead, seamless payment allows your customers to remain on your website to make payment more securely. Read the guide to enable seamless payment in EasyStore here

A comprehensive multi-page checkout

Multi-page checkout is equipped with short and clear fields on cart pages that guides your customers to fill them accurately. This checkout option allows you to collect data from customers even on abandoned carts. Through this checkout flow, your customers can provide their required details more accurately, especially when they make an expensive and complex purchase as they don’t mind spending the time to make sure their information provided is correct. 

Fast and easy to checkout in a single page

Customers are able to fill in all required information on one page. With the huge spike in mobile shopping, there’s no better solution than one-page checkout, as it’s faster, saves time and more convenient. Through single page checkout, you can considerably increase repeat purchases thereby improving customer retention. Read the guide to enable single page checkout in EasyStore here. Also, single page checkout function in EasyStore does not support all pickup apps except for the EasyStore's built-in pickup feature.

Complete purchase instantly with express checkout

Express checkout might be your new holy grail of customer purchase experience. It allows your existing customers to complete orders in just 2 clicks using previous information with the option to edit after completing the purchase.

Customer shopping experience is not just about the look and feel of your store, but it is also about the purchase process to checkout. Try these checkout options and see the difference they can make!

Read the guide to enable express checkout in EasyStore here.