Simple Tips to Avoid Being Classified as Online Scammers

By Fadila Aziz · 18th January, 2015

Simple Tips to Avoid Being Classified as Online Scammers | EasyStore
When we talk about online selling, transparent it’s very important to buyer, as seller before you being mark as scammer just because you did not practice any transparency, maybe below tips can help you to avoid it.
# Complete detail.
First tips on how to avoid being classified as online scammer is to
Provide your company detail and registration number. Being register as company is good for you reputation and it will give a good impression to customer that you are serious in this industries. It’s also will built customer trust because they know, they can find you through your company registration in case any fraud attempt.
# Tally bank account detail.
Once you provide complete detail on WHO ARE YOU, you need to provide a complete detail for your bank account number. Publish bank account number at your website normally applies to seller who accept Cash deposit or Bank Transfer as method of accepting payment from your customer. This bank account number must be tally with your detail.
If you doing business as individual , provide individual bank account number, and this bank must be under your name, putting up bank account number that belong to your wife, sister or brother will make your customer think twice before they proceed to purchase item from you. If you selling as Company, provide company bank account number will be perfect!
# Provide tracking number once item posted out only.
This is tiny mistake done by most seller, you prefer to provide the consignment note number before you really posted out the item compare to provide it after the item being shipped. As new online buyer, tracking number is very important to them, once you provide tracking number, they will quickly go to courier service website and start track their item based on tracking number provided by you. Imagine if they find out their item cannot being track online, they will keep coming to you asking why, and its might be the first and last purchase from you, Oh Snap! You just lost your potential regular customer.
This tips apply for those selling in any platform, either website, marketplace and Social media due to still have some customer who will go to traditional way of making payment, as seller you need to provide this convenience for your customer. However payment gateway will be a tolls that can help you to minimize all this in future once the awareness raise.